The full text of the Reuben Foster memo

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On Sunday, reports surfaced of an apology letter sent by former Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster to all teams regarding the incident that resulted in Foster being sent home early from the Scouting Combine. PFT has obtained a letter of the March 5 memo sent to all teams.

Specifically addressed to “all NFL team personnel attending the University of Alabama Pro Day on Wednesday, March 8,” the memo isn’t technically an apology. Here’s the full text of the memo, as obtained by PFT.

“As you know, a decision was made by the NFL to send Reuben Foster home early from the Combine because of an incident that occurred at the hospital in Indianapolis on Friday, March 3. As a result of that decision, Reuben missed interviews that had been scheduled with 16 teams.

“Reuben emailed each of those 16 teams to apologize for missing his scheduled interview with them, and to inform them that he will be available to answer any questions they may have about what happened at the hospital on Tuesday evening between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm in the Linebacker meeting room at the University of Alabama football offices.

“We are sending this email out to all teams to make sure that everyone is aware of Reuben’s availability on Tuesday evening to discuss the incident, as well as any other questions you may have for him.

“If you have any other questions, please contact us. Thank you.”

The apology apparently came in the emails sent to the 16 teams that didn’t get to interview Foster, along with the recognition that attending the Combine is a “privilege.” (I can’t wait for the day when a top prospect like Foster says, “I’m not coming. You can draft me based on my college football career, or one of your competitors will.”) Regardless, the incident that got Foster sent home has now landed on the radar screens of all 32 teams, and it’s safe to say all of them will want to find out what happened.

And given that Foster will be available to all of them during the same three-hour window, here’s hoping that none of them get sufficiently upset while waiting that they get sent home.

11 responses to “The full text of the Reuben Foster memo

  1. If he can’t even wait patientily during the most important job interview of his life, then teams should take a very close look at him besides the college tape they have on him.

    Do you want a guy who costs your team yardage through penalties because he can’t control his ego on the field?

    You might think the Combine is a waste of time. But like a lot of job interviews, there are stupid parts to it that you just have to put up with to get the job.

  2. knowspinzone says:
    Mar 6, 2017 7:27 AM
    The kid has a bad attitude. Many teams, like the Patriots, won’t even bother to interview him. I give him two years tops in the NFL.

    A bad attitude alone will not run a guy out of the league. The trick is for your production to outweigh your attitude. As horrible a person Greg Hardy appears to be, if he produced 10 sacks in his suspension shortened season with the Cowboys he would have been on a roster somewhere last year. That’s why so many roll their eyes when people associated with the NFL get sanctimonious about players.

  3. If my team HAS take a screw up then this is exactly the type of screw up I don’t mind taking a risk for.

    Did he screw up? Yup. Did he hurt anyone other than himself? Nope. Any permanent damage done? Nope.
    He embarrassed himself and no one else. I can live with this over a Joe Mixon level of screw up.

  4. Haven’t really paid a lot of attention to this but here’s what I’ve seen so far:

    Prospect gets annoyed with something somewhere while a bunch of people who matter to him are paying attention. He loses his cool and gets sent home. He’s the ONLY prospect to be sent home this year.

    Question 1: How many prospects have been sent home early from the Combine due to non-physical shortcomings, ever?

    I can understand if someone tears a muscle or strains ligaments doing the physical tests and can’t continue. I can’t understand how a prospect gets this far with such poor interpersonal skills.

    Question 2: How did this fool get invited in the first place?

  5. (I can’t wait for the day when a top prospect like Foster says, “I’m not coming. You can draft me based on my college football career, or one of your competitors will.”)
    – – – –

    This is the type of comment that makes me think this website is anti-NFL. And a top prospect could pull that now (it wasn’t too long ago that the top QBs NEVER threw at the combine, so it’s not that original of an idea). Of course, it would hurt his draft position and, therefore, his salary.

    So, yeah, that’s not happening unless you truly are an elite prospect, like a Clowney, a Luc

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