Which veteran quarterback would you want?

Tuesday’s PFT Live looks at free agency through an offensive lens, with visits from soon-to-be-free-agent receiver Pierre Garςon and soon-to-be-free-agent tight end Vernon Davis.

We’ll also take a closer look at the market for various key offensive positions, with a return of the PFT Live question of the day that centers on the most important position on the field. Specifically, which veteran quarterback would you want on your favorite team?

The options are below. Pick one, add a comment, and then tune in for the three-hour tour of the NFL, which begins at 6:00 a.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio and slides to NBCSN at 7:00 a.m. ET for a two-hour simulcast.

49 responses to “Which veteran quarterback would you want?

  1. So my team already has Aaron Rodgers, I went Garoppolo as the guy to be backup on my favorite team.

  2. I’d want Tony Romo if my team was just a QB away from a championship, and I’d want Colin Kaepernick if I was building a team for the next decade.

  3. I’m takin Taylor…Garoppolo is unproven but was well coached and has the physical skill set. Kaep n Cutler are backups, Romo may have one season left no more. Taylor has the highest upside imo. He played better than he’s being given credit for, especially considering his top 2 WRs missed most of the season. If he lands in the right organization Taylor could be successful, not Buffalo. Glennon might be a decent starter but Taylor n Garoppolo have more upside.

  4. Somehow I can’t believe that Belichick would choose to trade Brady rather than Garoppolo as some have suggested. The transparent posturing is so silly – someone is going to put together a package for Jimmy G that lets Belichick reload for another five years of dynastic dominance (Cleveland could trade 12 for 32; add 33 and a fourth this year and a 2018 pick next year). I’m betting Cleveland would give NE the most though Jimmy G may object. Chicago or the 49ers could be the better choice for him unless the Browns give him a LARGE five or six year contract (maybe one that has reopeners if he is not among the top five or ten QB salaries in three years). Much hinges on Cousins final destination – and timing. He’s lost his bargaining position if the 49ers reach a deal for Garoppolo with NE first.

  5. Jimmy G is at the top of the list far above the others… Mike Glennon showed glimpses of starter for a poor head coach and then Romo; 3rd because he is fragile!

  6. Romo probably has something left in the tank (though only with a solid backup) and Garappolo definitely deserves a chance to start. So they would be my first choices. Taylor or Glennon… maybe, if I’m desperate. Wouldn’t touch Kaepernick or Cutler with a 10 foot pole.

  7. Who voted for kappernick ? LMAO. I’m a Texans fan and I would rather roll with osweiler again before picking up that talentless America hater.

  8. 32 teams passed on TB12, Patriots would have grabbed him in the first 5 rounds if they knew what he’d become too.

    There will be teams that kick themselves for not going after JG one day. They shouldn’t shelve Brady until his TD/INT drops below 2 to 1…and even then he’ll be in the top 1/3rd of QBs around. Brady will play another 3-5 years at an “above avg” pace so New England’s only option is to trade JG.

  9. Depends the situation, we know what Cutler/Kaep are. Taylor/Glennon/Garappolo have upside but no track record. Romo is the best but its really hard to think he could make it through 4 games let alone 16. I’d say Glennon or Garoppolo.

  10. If the Pats don’t trade Garoppolo don’t they get a 2nd round compensation pick if they let him walk? (and doesn’t whoever gets him on his cheap rookie contract would get that if they trade him and let him walk?)

    That ups the price a bit I’d think – you almost have to throw in that compensatory pick to the Patriots.

    I have a feeling the Pats will MORE than get their 1st and 4th back, wrongly taken via FrameGate.

    And heck – Brissette didn’t look half bad in winning a game against the Texans pretty decisively himself (when he wasn’t playing with a broken foot). Who knows. Thanks to Roger Goodell the Patriots may well have found their QB of the future be it Garapollo or Brissette.

    Talk about Karma. Thanks Rog!

  11. I like Romo, as a person. But, over the last few seasons, he has had trouble staying healthy. A team that takes Romo, will have a GREAT locker room guy, but will need a good offensive line, to keep him off of I.R.
    Best of luck Mr. Romo.

  12. Have people learned nothing from Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, Matt Flynn, Kevin Kolb, Matt Schaub, and Brock Osweiler?

    What makes Jimmy G any better to avoid the same fate each of these guys faced?

  13. I used to hate on Romo, but he’s clearly the best, most proven QB on the list. Garoppolo has looked good in his runs of play, but so did Matt Cassel for an entire season before he left town. Every one of those QBs is some kind of risk though.

  14. Jimmy G has the most potential, regardless of his NFL playing time the guy showed his value in college. Romo and Cutler are injury prone and passe. Colin has regressed to the extent I’d pass on him completely. Tyrod and Glennon just haven’t done enough with the chances they’ve been given.

  15. Jimmy G can read defenses, has quick release, can make all of the throws, poised, respected by teammates, served an apprenticeship in a complex system under Brady and Belichick, can run, has played well when given the opportunity, was more productive than Romo when playing for the same college

  16. Let me get this right – Garappolo has started TWO games and everyone thinks he is the next coming of Joe Montana??

  17. How is jimmy G considered a vet? He couldn’t stay healthy through 3 games. I’d take Tyrod. Tyrod gets a horrible rap, I really don’t understand it. He’s probably the best the bills have had since him Kelly.

  18. Jimmy G has the highest ceiling and is the best long term investment, but I’d take Tyrod Taylor if QB is the final piece of the puzzle and the team is in a win now situation. Romo is appealing in a win now scenario, but coming off so many injuries at his age he really can’t be relied upon to push a team into the playoffs.

  19. tonebones says “and I’d want Colin Kaepernick if I was building a team for the next decade”

    Umm, do you mean building a team for LAST decade?

  20. I guess Jimmy, since he’s the devil we don’t know. Depending on what picks it’d cost, I might say Tyros, but man I don’t have much faith in him.

  21. Romo is the only proven QB on the list. Obvious first choice.

    Next is Tyrod, who is serviceable.

    Then comes Garoppolo and Glennon… two guys who have shown flashes but would be a gamble.

    Then you scrape the bottom. I’d have to get a new team if my team signed Cutler or Kaep as a starter.

  22. mark0226 – let me break it down what makes it different for Garoppolo

    Matt Cassel – a college backup, barely had any experience leading a team. And he actually has done some decent work for some pretty bad teams (some bad work too for sure, but not always)

    Brian Hoyer – a proven nothing-better-than-a-bandaid QB. Decent in a pinch, but take away the heavy play actions and quick timing plays, and make him drop back and read and find windows and call audibles, etc……dude is lost. He can do some things short term, but he’s not a real quarterback.

    Ryan Mallett – big arrogant meathead, not a student of the game by any stretch of the imagination.

    Matt Flynn – that was just dumb, he got paid because of one game.

    Kevin Kolb – kinda sloppy mechanics and was made of glass. Dude got hurt walking around a team facility, just slipped on a floor mat.

    Matt Schaub – you mean when he was traded from Atlanta and had many very solid years in Houston? Or when he was obviously washed up and traded from Houston for a 6th rd pick to a desperate team just taking a flier?

    BROCK? – lol don’t get me started dude. What, does just changing teams make every quarterback the same? Do you have any sense for the game? Do you see the difference between these two players when you watch them play? DO you watch them play?

    Brock is an arrogant, entitled, gangly legged long winding turnover machine. He is one of the most awkward QBs i’ve ever seen. Watching him drop back from under center reminds me of that it would look like if a Daddy Long Legs spider tried to play football, and his release is so slow and awkward that every defender on the field and their grandmother can see where the ball is going before he even winds up. He’s 7 feet tall yet somehow can’t see further than 5 yards downfield. The Texans being sadly desperate doesn’t make every QB acquired after him the same.

    Jimmy is a sharp, humble, hard working natural leader with clean mechanics and a quick release. I’ve watched him since he played at Eastern Illinois. I followed NIU for years during the Chandler Harnish/Jordan Lynch days, and i remember one week they had some div II opponent scheduled at home, figured it would be a laugher. This was while NIU had the NCAA home win streak record going on and being in the mix for major bowls which is a big deal for a MAC program. And all i could think the entire time was “how does this div II team have a QB that looks like a mine Brady?” Dude was slinging it all over the field, staring down the barrel and taking hits to complete throws, making checks and throwing darts, calmly moving up and down the field without even looking like he was working. Just stone cold. And all i could think was this guy had “Sundays” written all over him. I don’t care where he played or who he played against, even in a conference like the SEC there wasn’t ANYONE i saw doing what this kid was doing the way he did it. I went out of my way to watch as many Eastern Illinois games as i could until he left for the draft, and i couldn’t wait to see him on Sundays.

    So i guess to summarize, he’s a polished kid with pedigree. He makes all the throws and understands the nuances. He puts the work in and doesn’t hold himself above anyone else. He’s not just hyped because of one fluke game. He’s never been injured by a rug. He’s not a washup at the end of his career. He’s not a Daddy Long Leg spider. Those are just a few of the ways it’s different for him.

    Just being drafted by the Patriots, or being acquired by one team from another, doesn’t make him the same as anyone else. They are different players, with different skill sets, and different ceilings, coming from and going to different situations.

    Sure, there’s risks like there is with anything in life. But i’d put my money on him any Sunday. In fact, i’ve literally been waiting to.

  23. I’d take Kaep, since Cousins & Garappolo appear to be off the table. His stats showed well, even though he played for a bonehead coach and his best target was Jeremy Kerley (seriously….he’s a #1 receiver?) Also, he was a “distraction,” and still threw only 4 picks in 11 starts. With the Bears running game, I think he could do well.

  24. A smart GM approaches the Patriots with an option to trade Garappollo ir Brady because they both can win and the team doesn’t need both.

    A 1st and 5th for Jimmy.

    Two 1sts and two 5ths for Tom.

    BB would have to give both a thought.

    Everyone commodity has a price.

  25. Everyone else in the list above, exclding Garoppolo is a weak move with marginal upside.

    Let’s see what GM has the cajones to trade for a winner, not a placeholder.

  26. Brady makes everyone on the offense better, bails out the defense, and attracks free agents.

    With the exception of Green Bay and Atlanta, every team should try to trade for him if they think they can win now.

  27. Garoppolo may be product of the system/good team, remember Brissett looked pretty good too, and they have churned out other backups such as Mallet and Cassel. But I also don’t consider Garoppolo, who has started 2 games, a veteran QB. If you’re going to include him, why not add AJ McCarron who at least started 4 games plus a playoff game?

    I think you have to take into account who you want and at what cost. Garoppolo will cost a 1st rounder plus a huge contract for an unproven player because you must extend him if you’re giving up a pick. Demand might drive up Romo and Glennon’s price, and Taylor, Kaep, and Cutler all had big contracts but are damaged goods. All are risky to invest a decent contract in. However, McCarron will be a RFA in 2018, so he might cost a 2nd round pick and you can see how he does at 600K before trying to extend him, tender him 3 Mil and keep him in 2018.

  28. Have people learned nothing from Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, Matt Flynn, Kevin Kolb, Matt Schaub, and Brock Osweiler?

    What makes Jimmy G any better to avoid the same fate each of these guys faced?


    Deserves reiterating.

  29. So many people fall in love with guys that haven’t proven themselves just because they haven’t shown their limitations yet either.

    Garropolo is a gamble. At least with the other guys you know what you’re getting. Being a gamble is not a reason to drive up the price.

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