49ers cut Antoine Bethea

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After three seasons in San Francisco, safety Antoine Bethea is out.

“Antoine is a true professional in every sense and I have a great deal of respect for the way he has gone about his business throughout his career,” 49ers General Manager John Lynch said in a statement. “We would like to thank him for the positive impact he has had on this team both as a player and as a leader, on and off the field. We wish Antoine, and his family, great success in the future.”

The 32-year-old Bethea signed with the 49ers in 2014 after spending the first eight years of his NFL career with the Colts. He’s been a starter in every season of his career, including starting all 16 games last season.

But the new regime in San Francisco wants to get younger, and Bethea was due $5.75 million this season. He has enough left that he can still play in the NFL, but he’ll have to go elsewhere, likely for less money.

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  1. Johnny boy and Shanny are making some moves, getting rid of some bad contracts. Going to be interesting to see how they build that roster, hopefully he’ll have that “Adam Gase” effect like in Miami where they just completely change the culture and mindset of a franchise.

  2. Bethea had a decent run in SF, poor guy got used up making all those tackles 10 yards downfield because of the sieve that was SF’s D-line. That said, he’s not worth the money anymore. Brooks will be next to go then SF will have more cap space than Cleveland. It’ll be interestng to watch this rebuild

  3. These moves make sense.
    Geez, we were 2-14 last year. Why would U want to keep pricey vets from that train wreck?
    When we had our worst defensive games last yr. (absolute horror show) guys like AB were missing tackles like they were matadors.
    Good character guy, but it’s time to get younger.
    Agree, Brooks has to go next. He’s got a hefty contact too with declining production. Bad ‘tude to boot.
    Looks like Lynch is getting down to making some tough, but necessary moves. They are seriously reviewing their total roster and taking action.
    I like it.

  4. These two are making moves that needed to take place last year, AB was quality, but again we’re building a franchise here not stringing along big contract veterans, clearing up money for big free agent moves on the O-Line, QB, and receiver corps (Cousins, Jeffrey, Okung- Mangold, etc) Build our Defense with a great draft, We all know John Lynch is a defensive stud, please let cleveland slip Myles Garrett to us

  5. I agree with the Brooks is next comment… I disagree with the Lynch is in over his head comment…. And now here is my own comment, before the 49ers land the splashy Free agent that we all want as excited faithful fans, they have to be strategic and disciplined in their approach of filling out a roster that only has 56 out of a projected 90 players on the preseason roster under contract. So the Earl Mitchell’s and the McClain’s (DT) from Dallas are the types of depth filling contracts I like to see before we land the Splash Hits like A. Jeffery’s or the A.J. Bouye’s of the market. #PatienceYoungGrasshoppers

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