Adrian Peterson currently eyeing Raiders, Seahawks

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Running back Adrian Peterson soon will become an unrestricted free agent. Multiple accounts have emerged in recent days and weeks as to teams he’d be interested in playing for. But still no accounts have emerged as to teams that would be interested in signing him.

The latest nugget comes from Stacey Dales of NFL Network, who reported based on a source close to Peterson that he is currently interested in the Raiders and the Seahawks.

The Raiders expect to lose Latavius Murray to free agency, and the Seahawks’ running game wasn’t nearly the same without Marshawn Lynch in 2016.

Peterson previously has identified the Giants, Buccaneers, and Texans as teams he’d be interesting in joining. A report recently emerged that he’d consider a pay cut to play for the Patriots.

Dales added that Peterson is willing to take a pay cut. The question is from what? The $18 million he was due to make in 2017 with the Vikings? The market currently is far, far softer for free-agent running backs.

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  1. All this points to Peterson returning as a Viking. This is his agent floating as many stories as possible hoping to drum up interest, and none is there. After day 1 of the 2 day window we would have heard some rumor of an interested team, but nothing. Watch the shift towards getting max value out of the Vikings to retire a Viking because Peterson can’t get more than a $2 million unenthusiastic offer out of anyone else.

  2. Between these two at least the Raiders have a line with pro bowl caliber players, while Seattle has converted defensive guys, guys who didn’t play college and low end scrubs manning the most important position group on the field.

  3. Seattle already has some solid young backs in place. The problem there isn’t a lack of a good runner, it’s the lack of an offense line. Without a quick and drastic upgrade, Adrian Peterson would struggle there, too. With an upgrade, the Hawks have better and cheaper options already on the roster.

  4. Normally I would blame the agent, as many on here have, but if you think about it, what sense does that make?

    An agent should want to see every team that could possibly use AP get into a bidding war. Why discourage a team that may be be preparing a big offer for him by leaking that your client prefers to be somewhere else?

    Say what you want about how great AP is as a player, he’s never been the brightest bulb in the chandelier. This is just more proof of that. Keep you mouth shut and stop chasing away the money.

  5. tbisgod says:
    Hawks have some decent backs, they just can’t stay healthy.
    And Adrian Peterson has stayed “healthy” of late? Maybe Seattle’s backs can’t stay healthy because of who’s blocking in front of them — or not.

  6. So what we know right now is AP is interested in the Giants, Tampa, Oakland, Seattle, Patriots, Dallas, and a possible return to Minnesota. Sounds like a lot of interest in who he’d like to play for but what remains to be seen is who is willing to unlock the vault. If someone is willing to pay over 7 Million a year for a two down back, they must be willing to hault their expectations for a playoff push. My guess is Tampa, New England or Minnesota. Tampa has the money and could be looking for a workhorse, whereas AP could take a huge paycut and play the Belichek my way or the highway game, or back to the Vikings where we’d take him back but he’ll be a fixture of a new offensive scheme not based off him carrying 25+ a game. Just want him to sign so the media can provide us with 42 more mock drafts. Skol

  7. Seattle isn’t paying him 10 mill only to get hurt. The line needs to be fixed first

  8. jerseystrong3232 says:
    Mar 7, 2017 6:46 PM
    I’d love to see him wearing a packers uniform.

    You must be a Bears, Lions or Vikings fan.

  9. Other than the clown revue in mn what other team would want the distraction of having a self-aggrandizer like ap in their locker room?

  10. I can see it now. He goes to Oakland and makes it to the Super Bowl next year only to play against Minnesota in it and lose while it’s being played in Minnesota!

  11. upnorthvikesfan says:

    I can see it now. He goes to Oakland and makes it to the Super Bowl next year only to play against Minnesota in it and lose while it’s being played in Minnesota!

    I’m just trying to figure out which one has the longest odds?

    The Vikings making the Superbowl next year?
    The Raiders making the Superbowl next year?
    $1 lotto ticket?

    Guess what, out of the 3, the lotto ticket doesn’t even finish last.

    But I would love to buy a bag of whatever it is you are smoking.

  12. Are the Seahawks eying him back? I’m sure our super-genius o-line coach would love to convert him into a tackle.

  13. all I know is this “Free Agent Frenzy” touted by the NFL has been a complete bust with no action. One can only assume after last year announcements two minutes into the “legal tampering” period, everybody must have received a stern warning this year, because it’s been very quiet.

    AP, no problem at the right price, main focus should be an Interior defender, (Calias Cambell, ) and resign Stacy McGee…Draft a MLB, maybe Foster drops to us, or take the kid out of Temple

  14. No way he remains a viking. to many teams out there with mega cap space. Some team will step up and give him an offer he cant refuse.. personally i think hes got a couple good years left in him in the right system.

  15. If I recall correctly, the Seahawks’ defense successfully stuffed Peterson each time they played against him.

  16. So many reason my hometown Hawks should stay away from this guy. Don’t pull a redskin move and get a shiny toy when we all know that the o-line can make mediocre players look great. Fix the o line and all will be fixed. Not to mention I hate this guy more than anyone else in the NFL. Being a good dad is underrated and more important than anyone thinks. Bad parents pi$$ me off. This dude is a garbage human.

  17. Even if he is only half as good as he was he will still be better than Murray. The Raiders should sign him if the price is right. If not then get one of the young studs in the draft.

  18. Hard to believe he gets the number 1 RB spot on any team. I think he is a potential to join the Seahawks if willing to take #2 type money. Agree with most of the comments about the Hawk “O-Line” needing to improve or it won’t matter.

  19. Marshawn Lynch has been retired a year, and he is still 1 year younger than Adrian Peterson. I really doubt the Seahawks are very hot on this idea.

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