Adrian Peterson’s dad: He’s interested, Vikings haven’t made an offer

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Could the Vikings and running back Adrian Peterson work out a deal that would see him finish his career in Minnesota? At the moment, it looks like Peterson is more interested in that than the Vikings are.

Peterson’s father, Nelson Peterson, told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press that Adrian still has interest in re-signing with the Vikings, but they haven’t made him an offer.

That likely means the Vikings simply don’t think Peterson, who turns 32 this month and is coming off a knee injury, is going to return to anything close to his prior form.

Nelson Peterson also confirmed that Adrian is interested in playing in Seattle or Oakland. Peterson is a fan of Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and of the Raiders’ offensive line.

What remains to be seen is what kind of money Peterson wants. If he’s not willing to accept far, far less money than the $18 million he would have made from the Vikings under his old contract, then he’s not going to play at all.

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  1. Pat Shurmur doesnt want nor like AP as a player. Thats basically it. Too bad AP if you had shown something in week 1 of last year or even when you returned it would be a different story

  2. No..stay away from Oakland..the Raiders got something good going on. fix the defensive lien and get a middle linebacker. Sign Carr and Mack long term contracts. Peterson is washed up.

  3. We need a hometown discount given the state of the O-Line, and how we’ve stood by you. While you have great individual stats as a player, we don’t have much to show as far as team goals given 97 million over the last 10 years.

  4. The vikings need to address other needs. they are not going to offer AP anything until they figure out how much, if any cash they have left after free agency and signing our young guys. Vikes will make an offer but it won’t be a priority.

  5. Why would the Vikings make an offer now? The Vikings instructed AD to test the FA market and come back. It can’t possibly be no offers yet?

  6. So Nelson is no longer going to be able to live off of his son. That is what this is about?

    Someone is going to sign AP. It might not be til training camp, and at the vet minimum. But the glory days where a long time ago.

  7. Imagine if Ted Thompson didn’t offer the HOFer Rodgers a contract. This goes to show the different planets from which TT and Rick Spielman hail. One lives in Titletown, the other in his mommy’s basement.

  8. komencentz says:
    Mar 7, 2017 8:38 PM
    It doesn’t matter if God was in the backfield. The Vikings need an offense line, or nothing else matters.


    A muse from every Vikings fan: “”Hmmm, but how can God play running back when he’s our GM?…..”

  9. cribbage12 says:
    Mar 7, 2017 8:34 PM
    Imagine if Ted Thompson didn’t offer the HOFer Rodgers a contract. This goes to show the different planets from which TT and Rick Spielman hail. One lives in Titletown, the other in his mommy’s basement.
    Ted Thompson would NEVER do wrong by a HOF player nearing the end of their career! That’s why Brett Favre was able to finish his career in GB on his own terms. Wait……

  10. C’mon Spieldope, you can do it, resign Minnesota’s favorite child abuser.

    You know you’ve got just about the only fan base that’ll still stomach him.
    In fact, they’ll forfeit their integrity and souls just to don one of his jerseys and cheer stark raving mad for him.

    You know you want to. You can’t help yourself. Just do it.
    And don’t forget his raise.

  11. Ah, AP’s dad – still trying to whip up a response on his son!

    Hey Pops, we still remember how you publicly belt-whipped AP in the Middle-school parking lot, and how it helped form the guy AP is today.

  12. Nelson needs to take a switch to Adrian from smoking a little dope, impregnating every money hoe in a 9 state region and beating 4 year olds.

    Nelson won’t do it because he wants to ride a camel at APs next birthday party.

  13. This is the same person who told his owners that he will only play IF there is something to play for when he came back.Guess he forgot who signs his checks.

  14. Vikings are simply letting him learn the lesson on his own…that’s he’s no longer worth a large sum of money. They’re letting him see other offers, then they’ll decide if they match it or not. Then if AP still chooses to sign elsewhere, nothing lost. They can get at least two studs in the draft with 3rd and 4th round picks.

  15. I hope he’s not holding his breath waiting for an offer from the Vikes…or anyone else. His best football is behind him,and he’s not a good person. Neither is his father…

  16. As good a player as he was in his prime, this is a guy who had extremely negative incidents involving two of his young children go public in a big way, plus who knows how many others that never came to light. People want to pretend that didn’t have a big affect on his marketability but make no mistake… if nobody wants him at this point, those incidents might not be the primary factor but they are definitely part of the equation.

  17. When a guy like AP has his dad talking to the media on his behalf it’s almost laughable.

  18. Nor should they.

    As an aside. I’ve learned that, on the internet, those that toss around the “you live in your mother’s basement” insults, especially towards an NFL General Manager, are the ones that actually do.

    Take that as you will.

  19. Adrian better sort this out soon or Nelson gonna beat the hell out of him with his switch. Gravy train pulling into the station – what’s a man to do?

  20. I think that the Vikings FO hasn’t forgotten the way Peterson selfishly forced his way into the Colts game last fall with his unsanctioned media statement, played horribly, and then fumbled the game away when the Vikings were driving to get back into the game relatively early. That fumble was a real backbreaker, changed the whole complexion of the game.

    The way he did it messed up all the game planning by the OC and clearly the offense had practiced all week with the thought that he wouldn’t play. It was fairly obvious the staff felt he needed another week and Peterson just wouldn’t listen. Even the game announcers were critical of him for being unrealistic about his readiness.

    And then he wouldn’t play against GB the next week when there was still an outside possibility of making the playoffs.

    Peterson will be remembered for deep selfishness the second half of his career. Absolute shame.

  21. You would think Peterson could afford a professional PR agent to make his case, it’s pretty obvious that Adrian inherited his intelligence (and I use that term loosely) from his father.

  22. The Vikikings run game was the worst i seen in decades last season, reports are the vikings are going beef up their oline and resign Adrian.
    he will be back. no one is going pay him for what he thinks he’s worth. a.) injuries… b.) hurting his kid. c.) father time. he can’t admit he was wrong for beating his child. no team wants that bs. that in it’s self says a lot about a persons character.

  23. Asking what Dads think is now the trendy thing to do. First it was College Draft day dads, now its pro athlete dad…

    Next its going to be the trendy doctor…

    wait… Doctor James Andrews already has THAT covered 🙂

  24. Adrian had his second chance to redeem himself and showed his true colors. he never showed any remorse and acted like hurting his child is no big deal. If you all remember, some knuckle head killed one of his kids within a year of him hurting his own kid!! he’s full of himself. i couldn’t imagine being around this guy having four kids of my own. you protect your kids and build them up! that’s why these monsters are created with abuse. in the end it’s not my business i don’t have to play with him, AP made his own bed. he was a great player and i can put all his BS aside and want him on our team.

  25. The actual comment was this (copied/pasted):

    “Adrian Peterson dad said #Vikings still in mix but son doesn’t like they haven’t given him any offer “That’d make him feel more appreciated””

    Let’s put that in actual English so one can understand it.

    “Adrian Peterson’s dad said the Vikings are still in the mix, but his son doesn’t like that they haven’t given him any offer ‘that would make him feel more appreciated.'”

    Likely translation – The Vikings HAVE made an offer, but it’s not one that makes him feel appreciated.

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