Broncos have some interest in Danny Woodhead

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Perhaps some of the tampering happening at the moment is between the Broncos and running back Danny Woodhead.

According to Alex Marvez of the Sporting News, the Broncos are among multiple teams expected to show interest in the Chargers free agent.

The 32-year-old running back suffered a torn ACL early last season, but is just a year removed from an 81-catch season.

The Broncos are ostensibly deep in the backfield with C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker, but Woodhead, if well, would provide an interesting alternative.

18 responses to “Broncos have some interest in Danny Woodhead

  1. Good role player… but the Bronco’s need impact players, not role players.

    Really like him… but no. Torn ACL twice… broken leg in 2014… 32 years old. Behind that very poor O line… Romo and Woodhead would both be on IR by the 3rd week.

    And Vance is not even remotely a Belichick. He does… and will not… get more from less.

    Vance might look good… with a very good team handed to him, but don’t see him piecing a team of role players together into a winner.

  2. I wish the Chiefs would sign woodhead and they could bench him for all i care. I am just tired of seeing him play twice a year vs. chiefs.

  3. I read a great article Woodhead wrote for the Player’s Tribune, he seems like a pretty legit dude. Good luck to him, wherever he goes.

  4. Elway going after Belichick’s throw away once again. Welker, Talib, and now Woodhead. Sorry Elway, the greatness of Belichick will not rub off on you. Enjoy the playoffs from your couch again this year.

  5. Hey Pats fans Woodhead was on the Chargers longer than he was on the Pats, and by the way you guys poached him from the Jets. Stop trying to claim this guy as your own.

  6. At one point Danny Woodhead was so popular in NE that his jerseys were the #1 seller there. I remember seeing him on a TV commercial. He was pretty funny. Seems to me he is only something like 5’8″ or 5’9″ but build like a tree stump.

  7. Pretty dumb that these Pats fans are claiming these players as their own and the “greatness” of Belichick cough ‘cheater’ cough haha! Talib drafted by the Bucs, Woodhead the jets, and Welker from The chargers/dolphins. Try little harder next time to bash #7.

  8. Spanos say’s “get rid of em’ too much money! Forget the outlet for Rivers he’s been gettin’ killed anyway. We’ve gotta go cheap if we’re gonna survive as the Carson City Chargers.”

  9. milehighcityboss says:
    Mar 7, 2017 12:55 PM
    I just came to laugh at all the Broncos hate…
    LOL! Dude, this is nothing – if you want to see a real stream of salty dumb hatred against a team go over to the Patriots threads where, for example, you wrote, among other things: “Oct 31, 2016 12:47 PM Man… Belichick would trade his momma if he didn’t see any more value in her”.

  10. Woodhead and Sproles same lineup – have fun trying to cover that. Make it happen, Howie.

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