Chiefs not interested in Tony Romo

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The Chiefs have made it clear that they plan to stick with quarterback Alex Smith. That should, by implication, make it clear that they’re not interested in quarterback Tony Romo.

For those who need something more concrete, James Palmer of NFL Network reports that the Chiefs are not interested in Romo.

The Broncos and Texans currently are viewed as the most likely suitors for Romo; the question is whether he’s traded or released. The more sensible view is that the Cowboys eventually will cut Romo, with a wink-nod as to where he will or won’t sign.

The Broncos would seem to be the team that makes the most sense, even though adding Romo would mean slowing the development of 2016 first-rounder Paxton Lynch. Last week in Indianapolis, Denver G.M. John Elway addressed the tension between trying to win now and trying to build for the future. The interview is attached to this point, in the event we haven’t promoted it enough times in the last week.

24 responses to “Chiefs not interested in Tony Romo

  1. Why would they be interested in Romo and a chance to break through with the team that they have when Captain Don’t Ever Take a Chance Just Throw It Out of Bounds on Third and Long With the Game Hanging In the Balance and Hope Someone Else Makes a Play to Win heading up the offense?

  2. I hope this is true! Romo’s ceiling is higher than Alex’s, but not by very much. However, his floor is waaaaaay lower, because he’s older and has had a well-known history of injury.

    Alex is not elite and he never will be. If he had a stud running game and our run defense was stout, then we would’ve played for the AFCC. Whether we would’ve gone on to the Super Bowl is debatable, but bringing in a new, broken down QB will not get us over the hump.

  3. Geez, the regular season is long enough. Who needs playoffs? The owners obviously enjoy a nice long vacation away from football.

  4. briang123 says:
    Another year of Reid and Smith. We know the feeling Chiefs fans. Signed, Eagles fans

    Yes, because the Eagles were and have been a veritable juggernaut before and after Andy Reid (who led your team to its one and only Super Bowl appearance since 1980 — 37 years ago.

  5. I get it but it really makes me scratch my head. Alex has recieved SO many opportunities and he has played well but he is not elite, Romo is. It really is not that complicated. Its not rocket science KC

  6. Well at least the Chiefs fans already know what their season holds for them. Solid to pretty good but just not dynamic enough to really compete with the best. Another 10 win season for Andy but never really competing on an elite level.

    That’s good enough for some people. If it was me I’d rather take a gamble once in a while when there is a window of opportunity then just go through the safe and comfortable route that you know will eventually fail.

  7. Romo has the same limitations as Alex Smith. He can’t win the big games. Romo loses them with stupid mistakes, Smith loses them by taking no chances. Pick your poison. The Chiefs need to draft and develop their own franchise QB. Mahomes could be the right candidate.

  8. Romo will get some Hall of Fame consideration. He’s had a great career, and he’s a class act. But at this point, turning 38 and that papier-mâché back, he’s probably not worth a roster spot at veteran minimum.

  9. I don’t get why Reid/Smith get so much hate. You are a playoff contender every season with that recipe plus Dorsey is a good gm. Will you make it to a Superbowl w Alex Smith? Probably never, but Brady could always fall down and not get back up.

    Look at a franchise like the Browns. It can always be worse. Much worse.

  10. mathandstatsmatter says:
    Mar 7, 2017 7:44 PM

    I am not interested in the Chiefs without Romo. I’m tired of watching Smith throw a 5 yard out to the right side.


    I’ll take that over Romo breaking his neck, back, ribs, sinus cavity, left testicle, elbow, right inner ear bone, shoulder, knee cap, jaw, and skull in training camp and having him as a clipboard carrying dead weight. Also, Nick Foles has greater upside than Romo at this stage.

  11. Stop it, most of you dont get the Chiefs culture and fanbase. They are just happy to have a winning season! Playoffs are bonus, advancing, who cares? Just happy to be there, playoff tractor parades, Hay Dance on Sunday nights at the local YMCA to celebrate with a little moon shine (know what I mean?). Swing your partner!

    Kansas City loves its Chiefs, but it’s all pretty a college atmosphere. Beat K State and everybody is good.

  12. Let’s be honest. Nice guy and good player, But he is one sack away from a wheel chair. As they say time to hang up the boots.

  13. Romo is 2-4 in the playoffs, just like Smith, except he has a lower QBR and less yards.

    Don’t see an injury-prone QB as an upgrade. Chiefs would be better off to draft a QB and make him a starter…which they have never done.

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