Cowboys restructure Sean Lee’s contract

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The Cowboys freed up some space under the salary cap last month by reworking the contracts of left tackle Tyron Smith and center Travis Frederick and they went back to that well to free up a bit more this week.

According to multiple reports, the team has restructured linebacker Sean Lee’s contract.

Lee was set to make a $9 million base salary in 2017, but agreed to shift money around so the Cowboys would gain around $5 million in cap space. That suggests he converted some of the salary into a signing bonus and that the cap hit from that bonus will be spread out through the end of Lee’s contract in 2019.

Lee was able to avoid the injury problems that have stymied him so often in the past during the 2016 season and made the All-Pro team as a result of his efforts. The increased cap space he provided the team could be used for defensive additions that give him more assistance on that side of the ball in 2017.

5 responses to “Cowboys restructure Sean Lee’s contract

  1. Lee had an amazing year last year, even by his lofty standards. Add Jaylon Smith next to him next year and that LB core is looking good with Wilson rounding out the group. Would not mind if they even added a FA CB and resigned Wilcox, Carr and Church(maybe too much) along with a defensive heavy draft.

  2. Sean Lee is a great linebacker but he just can’t stay on the field. This year he stayed healthy. As to Jaylon Smith, the man had a very serious knee injury. The nerve is recovering slower than expected and it is still not known how good he will be. I learned the hard with Joey Bosa that its best to wait and see them play before making conclusions.

  3. Let is a great player, glad he was able to make it though a full season.

    Why not just make every players contract all signing bonus and just do away with all this robbing Peter to pay Paul nonsense every year.

  4. I also hope this is part of an effort to sign Church. All due respect to
    Lee and other defensive players for Dallas but I believe Church does
    not get the credit he deserves. I believe the Cowboys made a mistake
    not signing Church last year. Now they will pay.
    As far as the draft ..I hope Malik Hooker somehow is around for the
    Cowboys pick….that way they can move Jones to cornerback and have
    Hooker and Church play tsafety. With Lee, Church and Hooker you would have 3 western Pennsylvania guys in the secondary. On a final
    note maybe they can get Revis too! That would give them 4 tough
    guys from Steeler land.

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