Four teams meet with Joe Mixon on eve of Pro Day workout

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Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon didn’t face a gauntlet of NFL teams at the Scouting Combine. He encountered a more limited collection of them on Tuesday night.

Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network reports that the Lions, Saints, Bengals, and Browns each met with Mixon in Oklahoma on the eve of his Wednesday Pro Day workout.

Of course, meeting with Mixon doesn’t necessarily mean a team will be drafting him. Maybe they didn’t like what they heard. Or maybe they want to do their homework in the event he slips through four or five rounds and is available at a value position.

The real work begins after the Pro Day, when Mixon begins traveling to team facilities for more extensive visits aimed at breaking through talking points and getting to the real guy. Along the way, any team that considers Mixon needs to consider the potential P.R. backlash that would come both locally and nationally from drafting him.

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  1. I don’t think there are going to be any PR problems with this kid. There is so much real news, or fake news that people are far more concerned about. Most of us managed to get over the horrible things Adrian Peterson did. We’re not going to lose a lot of sleep over Joe Mixon. Some girl jumped up and slapped him, and he decked her. Big deal! I hear great things about him.

  2. Will any employer who hires the girl who struck Mixon first need to consider the potential PR backlash that should come both locally and nationally from hiring her? That she lost doesn’t make her any less unhinged than him and doesn’t erase the fact that she committed an assault, too.

  3. Definitely a need position for the Lions. Not sure how I would feel about drafting him but I’ll worry about that if it happens.

  4. I think the PR hit is happening now. We’ve heard so much about the dude already. Once he gets drafted, I think it will be met with local opposition in whatever city and subside quickly.

  5. Hey! I didn’t give y’all enough credit. I thought for sure, by just reading the headline, said four teams wouldn’t be named.

  6. As a Bengals fan, I seriously hope we don’t take this guy. Lets get rid of Pacman and avoid guys like this for a change.

  7. As a Lions follower, I wouldn’t take a chance. Two documented incidents, one beyond comprehension, are two too many.

  8. If his forearm is as brutal as the right cross he clocked that chick with, he could be awesome! More DV Mixon tapes please. Need to study it before the draft.

    32 NFL Teams

  9. Incredibly, I’ve read comments that called Mixon a hero for defending himself against that 110lb bully! He was innocent, just minding his own business.

    Of course, the guy who wrote those comments also wrote that Josh Brown’s wife made it all up too.

  10. Well why aren’t the PR backlashers backlashing continuously against the judicial system, he clearly should be locked away and never allowed to work? What is the goal?attention to him or attention for them because they have nothing better to do?

    So if he gets a low paying job with no possible fame to gain will there still be backlash? I would like to see the backlashers backlashing McDonalds. I know some former criminals who work low paying jobs now.

    But if he makes a lot of money for a particular set of skills that he has which has nothing to do with his assault crime? Somebody get the PR backlashers on the horn.

    So the backlashers are just waiting for the big stage called the NFL?

    If I am satisfied with the interview process as a team then Im drafting this guy. Nature can bless the backlashers with a Natural disaster,I will miss them very much.

  11. He’s going to make the NFL, but hopefully he’s drafted after the 3rd round so he misses out on a lot of money for his first 4 years.

  12. wryly1 says:
    Mar 8, 2017 5:50 AM

    Nixon may not even be the best NFL potential RB coming out of Oklahoma this year.

    ———————- Yeah, I’ve heard heard of this Nixon guy you’re talking about, so probably not.

  13. As reprehensible as it is to strike a woman, everyone deserves a second chance. I’m concerned about the over reaction to domestic violence, a direct result of the NFL’s absurd handling of so many incidents over the years. It’s gone too far. And I hope teams don’t make decisions based on their PR dept. Let your scouts and coaches decide whether or not this young man would be a good fit on your team.

    BTW, O.J. is about to get paroled. Maybe he could coach Mixon up.

  14. It takes a certain type of guy to hit a girl so hard it breaks her jaw. That type of character is hard wired and won’t change. There are a bunch of great RBs in this draft. Why even go there.

  15. Just in terms of football, call me crazy, but I don’t think he’s as good as I hear him being hyped up as. Not a sure thing, even without the off the field stuff, in my questionable opinion. I could be wrong. Hope he does well and starts treating people right.

  16. Bring him to Baltimore. Could b the next Lev bell!! If someone gets in your face and calls you the things she supposedly called him and then slaps the hell out of you, I’m sorry but regardless of who or what u are u better be ready for the consequences of ur actions!!

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