How will Buccaneers pay DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans?

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Whenever the question emerges regarding the potential signing of soon-to-be-free-agent receiver DeSean Jackson by the Giants, the immediate response is this: They’ll soon have to give Odell Beckham Jr. a second contract, and they can’t pay two No. 1 receivers.

That same point should be made whenever the Buccaneers are linked to Jackson. Like Beckham, receiver Mike Evans is currently eligible for a new contract. Like Beckham, Evans is one of the best receivers in the league. Like Beckham, Evans will command big money, at some point.

So can the Buccaneers pay Jackson now and Evans later? It could be a challenge, especially since the Bucs typically don’t give out signing bonuses, opting for guaranteed salaries instead.

The best solution could be to load up Jackson’s compensation in the first two years of the deal (fully guaranteed), sign Evans to a long-term deal after 2017 with a lower cap number for the first year. Then, after 2018, the Buccaneers can move on from Jackson and find a lower-priced complement to Evans.

Another potential fly in the ointment is the question of whether Jackson regards Jameis Winston as a high-end quarterback. Jackson could regard others as better. The question becomes whether the Buccaneers are offering significantly more than the teams whose quarterbacks are significantly more accomplished.

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  1. The WR position is fun to watch, but it’s a low priority when it comes to winning and losing. So many great WRs throughout history never played on championship teams, yet many teams have won championships with average WRs.

  2. One of the rare advantages to having been a lousy team for a while is there really aren’t that many good players on that team that the Bucs need to lock up long-term; on the defensive side, McCoy and Lavonte David already have their contracts, and the only other guy who’s going to get need to get paid at some point is MLB Kwon Alexander. On offense, Doug Martin has stupided himself out of his guaranteed money, and it’s not like there’s exactly anyone to spend big bucks on for the offense other than Evans and Winston.

    There’s plenty of cap space at this point for Jackson and Evans, plus a few other FAs.

  3. History suggests a team is better off with 4 #4 WR’s than they are with 2 #1 WR’s.

  4. A better question might be ” How will the Bucs handle Jackson pouting,whining,and quitting on them when Evans gets more touches than him every game”.

  5. I just don’t see this happening. The Bucs are a young team with an established young #1 WR. Why would they pay free agent dollars to someone they’d use as a speed guy?

    I’m sure they can find someone else who can knock the top off of a defense for cheaper and younger than Desean Jackson.

  6. As a Redskins fan, I hope the Bucs find a way. DeSean Jackson is a very good player. He’s also 30 and his game is highly predicated on speed. He is often injured and almost never available for a full season. He’s also a quitter and shows up when he feels like it–so don’t count on OTAs or holding him to the same standard as other players. For $12M+ a year? No thank you.

  7. Dude always has and will Always be a one trick pony. He’s also 30. Yeah pay 10 mill a year for an undersized, overshadowed injured, Whiny malcontent who only runs 9 routes. You can find desean jackson several times over in the draft for a lot less money. There is even a guy who is faster than him As well. I just don’t get the hype with free agency. It’s always the worst teams with all the money who overspend for overrated players who most likely will not fit their current system and will be given their walking papers after two years when the current coaching regime is poop canned. It is fun though to see the lower third of the league overspend their money every year hoping for a different result.

  8. Well they could just draft John Ross because we all know Desean Jackson just excels at taking the top off defenses and is not a polished route runner. The Bucs can get their own version of the Cardinals JJ Nelson for much cheaper. Regardless I’d rather stick with Mike Evans and try to draft Mike Williams from Clemson if available.

  9. Well the giants have a little more than 8 mil in cap space, the bucs have 70mil lol

  10. The problem with trying to draft a younger, faster, better desean jackson is that there aren’t many (if any) of those guys period. He might be a pain in the butt, but he is productive when he’s on the field. The year desean jackson was drafted by the Eagles, the Bucs selected the next “speed” guy available. Dexter Jackson was a second round pick that didnt even last the entire season with the bucs. Sure it is easy to say, “just draft a speedy wr in the draft”. But that is a lot harder to do (with success) than any of you think. There arent many guys that fast with elite football skills to match. John Ross is fast. Really fast. But there is only 1 of him. Only 1 of the 32 teams in the league will draft him. The others are out of luck.

  11. I’m not huge on the Jackson bandwagon since I have a feeling it’s going to be on the field about as much as last years Jackson was, in that case Vincent Jackson. If I thought he’d be healthy then it’s a no brainer, the Bucs have no speed at WR, or really anywhere on the offense, they need someone that can bust some big plays. The Bucs have tons of cap space this year and next year and they structure their deals so they don’t end up with lots of dead cap space. Evans, Kwon, Marpet and Donovan Smith will all need new deals in 2 years, but you have 2 years. Even if they sign Evans to a new huge money deal this offseason, they still got him on his rookie contract for 2 more years until that new deal would come into effect. The team has 3 more years of Winston on his rookie deal, and by that time you figure McCoy is probably at the end of his rope and he’s a huge huge big money player and that most likely would come off the books, along with players like Dotson and Grimes is off the books after this season. The Bucs really have no salary cap issues at all unless they’re remarkably stupid. So load up this contract just as stated, make it big money in the first 2 years, then we’ll see what happens in year 3, if he’s still a productive player then I’m sure they’d still be able to pay him most likely for another year. In the meantime draft a young guy, maybe Ross, and groom him to play in a year or two, and hopefully he can be a productive 3rd down guy. Heck maybe bring back Vincent Jackson for one year if he’s willing to play for like $3-mil or $4-mil, because when healthy VJ was still looking pretty good- he’s slow but he’s just so big he can still be productive if playing against teams 3rd corners.

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