It’s not known whether or when Scot McCloughan will return to Washington

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Last week’s Scouting Combine P.R. debacle for Washington included at one point a claim that G.M. Scot McCloughan definitely will return. At this point, that’s hardly definite.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s currently not known whether McCloughan will return, or when he’ll be back.

As Gantt noted earlier in the day, McCloughan remains away from the team. His history has prompted speculation that the absence is related to documented issues with alcohol. If that’s the case, it’s a serious medical condition that needs to be regarded accordingly.

For Washington, the situation raises potential issues under the Americans with Disabilities Act and any applicable state laws in Maryland, where the team primarily does business.

McCloughan is under contract for two more years. Don’t be surprised if they add someone to the front office as the draft approaches. That person then potentially could take over for McCloughan, if he ultimately does not return.

It’s also possible, in theory, that the team could hire a new G.M. and reassign McCloughan, while still paying his regular salary.

Regardless, the situation remains in flux during one of the most critical phases of the offseason calendar.

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  1. Thanks for actually saying what this could be instead of simply trashing the Redskins Mike. What we (most likely) have here is a guy with a serious medical condition which has already cost him two jobs. The Redskins can’t simply hold a press conference and say what it is. I would love it for the local media to treat it this way instead of the (again, most likely) false narrative that Bruce Allen is jealous of him. Ridiculous.

  2. Skins primary place of business and Redskins Park are in Virginia. And, if and when they can get out of the financial commitments for the stadium at FedEx Field, they will leave Maryland.

  3. Anyway you slice this, it is a sad story. Alcoholism is no joke. The Redskins will be lambasted for this situation, but they deserve some praise. They hired somebody in recovery, and allowed him a second chance. It worked out for a few years but sadly (it appears) Scot has fallen off the wagon. Hopefully he gets whatever help he needs.

  4. Ugh. This is starting to feel like the Steve Spurrier years. Lost in the wilderness that is the home of Redskins fans for 25 years. 😦

  5. If it’s any sort of health issue, the obvious thing to do is put him on paid medical leave, let him get better, and fill the slot for now ASAP.

    And if it’s just Business As Usual in the Swamp, fire him and be done with it.

    Either way, dysfunction is never a good idea. Unless you root for some other team in the East.

  6. Redskins Park is in Ashburn, Virginia. That is where the team “primarily does business”. They spend 8 Sundays a year in Maryland.

  7. The team’s HQ is in Virginia, not Maryland, and that’s where McCloughan works/has an office, so that’s the state law that would be applied.

    But it’s obvious SM is not coming back. Little Danny is as good at managing such matters as he is about anything else involved in running a business successfully.

  8. PS – The Virginia State Corporation Commission public record states that the Skins are delinquent in paying their annual corporation fee. What a surprise.

  9. On the Midday 180 Podcast Redskins President George Allen from March 2nd stated that Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan was away due to the death of his grandmother. He stated that the grandmother died a week ago. Well, she died over a month ago. She’s long been buried. Allen outright lied about this subject. Typical Redskins and more so of brown nose sports media that accepts a bold faced lie.

    Why even comment other than to say for personal reasons. State if questioned about confidentiality as they do with players. But the Redskins did the opposite and clearly explained in detail why he is away. However the reasons given are factually untrue and that’s indisputable.

  10. Just remember who the GM was for the Steve Spurrier years. It wasn’t Vinny Cerrato. Someone else called the shots then and it’s possible it’s still happening. If the same thing was done to a guy with low self-esteem, and an alcohol abuse problem, I can see it taking a toll on him. All speculation of course. But I am willing to bet that a real football guy like Scot even if under the influence is still way better then the GM the Skins had during the Spurrier years.

  11. @chuckymaloof – I understand your point. However, why does Allen deserve the benefit of any doubt? No laws prevent him from expressing general support for McCloughan, which Allen has not done.

  12. If it is alcoholism, then I wish him the best in his recovery. Nobody is perfect. But if he is still capable of doing his job from wherever he is, as some have speculated. Bonus.

  13. Caution–pure reckless speculation ahead: Interesting how no one has brought up the fact that March 1st was his birthday. I know it’s not likely relevant, but how many of us haven’t gotten wasted on our birthdays? I’m guessing he probably had a relapse and was sent home by Allen soon thereafter. The timing would make sense

    Allen isn’t trying to ice out McC–he knows that’s the best talent evaluator this team has had since the Joe Gibbs era. Allen has been wholly incompetent at his job without McC. I think Allen and Snyder want him to recover and hope he returns. If he can’t, then they might give him the boot.

    Admittedly, all reckless speculation.

  14. “An employer may discipline, discharge or deny employment to an alcoholic whose use of alcohol adversely affects job performance or conduct to the extent that s/he is not ‘qualified.’”

    Think using and rehab adversely affects his job performance? He’s entitled to help; not a job nor salary.

  15. Too bad…an incredible evaluator of football talent….wishing him the best in this lifelong fight for freedom from his addictions.

  16. Wish him the best with his struggles, but this may be a sign to Cousins to sign his tender and not negotiate a long term deal. He should get out. This organization is in trouble.

  17. Feel terrible about Scot. Delighted to see the Redskins being the Redskins though. In fact, what’s a stronger word than “delighted”?

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