Jets think Mike Glennon’s headed to Chicago, may be interested in Tyrod Taylor

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The Bills haven’t decided whether they want to keep quarterback Tyrod Taylor yet.

If they don’t, they might get to see him twice a year.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News has downplayed the Jets reported interest in Mike Glennon, but says a pursuit of Taylor if the Bills let him go makes sense.

While the Jets may simply think Glennon isn’t worth the money he’s expected to command (and they reportedly think he’s headed to the Bears), Taylor is a bit more of a proven commodity.

If nothing else, it underscores the lack of confidence that either Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg can be a viable starter for them this season, at least by the start of the season.

“All options are on the table,” General Manager Mike Maccagnan said last week. “We’re going to do everything possible to make every position competitive, in particular that position, whether it’s free agency or the college draft. We do like our two young quarterbacks, but they’re both young and they both have to go out there and earn whatever position they may eventually have on the team.”

The Bills are reportedly leading toward cutting Taylor, rather than guaranteeing him more than $30 million by picking up the option on his contract.

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    Glennon would be certifiably insane to choose the Jets over the Bears. Chicago is a team on the upswing. They have some valuable pieces on both sides of the ball. Their team could be competitive with anyone if they could just get stability at QB. Moreover, their running game was very effective last season..

    Meanwhile the Jets are somewhere in between disarray and total chaos. Their roster is littered with check cashers and layabouts. It’s not just a simple dumpster fire. It’s as if all of Staten Island was ablaze.

  2. What is happening in the world where can see a day where Mike Glennon can be paid $14M per year? Crazy times.

    If he does go to the Bears, and for that amount, it is a clear statement that John Fox is calling the shots, and not Ryan Pace. This is a total desperation move to save Fox’s job this year. Cutler was scheduled to max out at around $15M this year with per-game incentives, and now they will pay a guy who hasn’t started a game in a few years the same amount, likely with signing bonus money on top of it. Great move, that one.

    This is why bad teams stay bad. They let coaches have the control and decisions are made based on short term gain, not long-term success. Pace has drafted very well in his first two years, and signed some solid free agents, but making a move like this doesn’t solve the QB problem in Chicago, nor does it set you up for anything other than a short term bridge. This one reeks of Fox, who is not concerned with the long-term future of the Bears, and just wants a few more seasons of pay before he retires.

  3. what makes the Jets think Taylor will sign for less than Glennon? Taylor right now is a much better player with two years of starting experience.

  4. It would be absolutely idiotic for the Bills to cut Taylor and it would just be another example of why they’re a joke of an organization.

    -Bills Fan

  5. The interesting part of this is that Chicago may be interested in Glennon.

    What’s old news is the fact that the Jets don’t have confidence in Petty or Hackenberg. Hackenberg should legitimately be out of football after next season. He never should have been drafted after he crapped the bed his last 2 years in Penn St. What a wasted pick.

  6. Dumb Ass move by the Jets.
    Look at their roster.

    They need to tank to get a real QB in 2018.

    Use that money to sign mid level safeties and corner backs, they have none.

    In fact, I’d save all that money, and tank, then draft a QB in 2018, and sign mid level free agents to fill gaps.

  7. Tyrod Taylor’s bad day
    23-31 183 yards 1 int or fumble..

    Tyrod Taylor’s good day
    23-31 183 yards 1 td

    He won’t ( or rather I’ll say he hasn’t) won many games coming from behind as he misses many important throws at crucial times.

    He’s just not worth that’s cash and I’m a fan of his…

    Then again neither is Glennon

  8. Tyrod Taylor was not the reason the Bills lost so many games.
    More often than not the Bills defense was just really bad. I mean the numbers they put up vs the Steelers was insane, but the defense was hopeless vs Bell.

    Maybe Taylor isn’t a major threat pocket passer, but he can throw deep enough to keep the defense honest, and when under pressure has an excellent QB rating.

    He may not throw a ton of TDs, but he avoids interceptions and turnovers. Fitzpatrick didn’t kill the jets last year with production, it was massive amounts of turnovers.

    Compare Taylor to EJ Manuel, that managed to lose his starting job quickly and was putrid vs a Jets pass defense that couldn’t stop anybody this year.

    There is also enough game film to note that while Taylor isn’t a superstar, he is at least league average or better. There is very little game film on Glennon and while he has potential, he is gonna get paid and only then will you get a sense if he is worth it.

    The Texans would be jumping for joy if they could cut Brock now and go in another direction.

    Is Taylor worth $30.5 million? The Bills did give him the contract, and he signed it!

  9. It’s easy to say “tank the season” if you’re not a Jets fan. I am a Jets fan and won’t sit back and watch another losing season just so they can blow another high draft pick in 2018.
    They cut a lot of dead weight and have a lot of money to spend on free agents. They can put together a good team for this coming season! They need upgrades at almost every position. Spend the money on quality players and draft smart.
    Win now! Doooo it

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