NFL committee will recommend Raiders relocation proposal

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The Raiders have applied for permission to relocate to Las Vegas. The committee tasked with reviewing the proposal and making a recommendation to the full ownership is prepared to provide the green light.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the recommendation will be made by the committee at the annual league meeting earlier this month.

Of course, a committee recommendation doesn’t necessarily mean that the final vote will be favorable. Last year, the league’s L.A. committee voted by a 5-1 outcome that the owners select the Carson location (which would have housed the Raiders and Chargers) over the Inglewood site (which will host the Rams and Chargers). The owners then voted overwhelmingly to reject the committee recommendation.

Although the Raiders have indeed secured funding from Bank of America to replace the money that would have come from Sands Casino owner Sheldon Adelson, there’s still no public indication that the Raiders have found someone with the construction and operational experience to get the stadium built and to keep it running.

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  1. Is it going to be a $500 million relocation fee? I think the owners will approve this as the Raiders will generate triple the income in Vegas.

  2. The global fan base of the Raiders will have a beautiful town and stadium to meet.

    It’s going to be a wonderful thing.

    Regional fan bases like the Donko’s, Chiefs and Bills can only dream of something like this.

    Just win baby.

  3. If the owners reject the application the lawsuit will be filed the next day challenging the anti-trust exemption (and probably naming Adelson as a co-conspirator); the Raiders will move anyway and the result will be a legal mess that will dominate the NFL (and the possible sale of teams) for years.

  4. “Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the recommendation will be made by the committee at the annual league meeting earlier this month”

    Oh so you are going to make a recommendation at a meeting that has already happened?

  5. Here we go again. Another desperate Hail Mary attempt by Mark Davis. Not to mention the NFL committee is comprised of Larry, Curly, Moe, Lloyd Christmas, and Harry Dunn. Sell the team Mark.

  6. Once the NFL infects Las Vegas you’ll have to buy a PSL just for the chance to set at a poker table.

    Craps indeed.

  7. Why even have a committee of you’re not going to follow their recommendation? Its a waste of time and money
    A committee like this would be a great idea if the members evaluated options in terms of benefit to the league instead of benefits to their best buddies.

  8. Giving the revival of the RAIDERS, a large market like LA would only mean more $$$ in the long run.

    However, their desire to see the RAIDERS struggle outweighs their desire to do the right thing.

  9. Davis should sell the team to whomever owns the WWE, why prolong this farce any longer.

    As to Raider fans, any of them who live in the Bay area who show up for games the next 2 years, should have their heads examimed. If that happens we will see how many Raider fans truly exist outside of Oakland and LA.

    It would serve the NFL and Davis right to see Oakland home games made up of visiting fans and empty seats.

  10. “there’s still no public indication that the Raiders have found someone with the construction and operational experience to get the stadium built and to keep it running.”

    I am not following this statement and I am sure there is more to it, but teams build stadiums all the time and I have yet to hear this as an issue. All that is ever discussed is the financing and once that is good you go. Is this an issue because it is Las Vegas or Mark Davis?

  11. I hope this circus is finally resolved. The City of Oakland has betrayed Raider fans long enough. They did everything in there power to make sure no viable options existed in the coleseim’s current location. The day the signed the ten year lease with the A’s it put the Raiders on notice that soak land had no place for them. That left MD scrambling to find s suitable home for his team. LA would have been great but the NFL prefered owners with deeper pockets. Out of nowhere the answer came. LV is not only willing to put up $750 mil but they will do everything they can to make the construction process simple. Try getting that help anywhere in California? Although it far from ideal the Raiders deserve a stadium worthy of an NFL team and if it takes moving to Vegas to get it done so be it. Whether it’s Oakland, LA, San Antonio or Vegas I will support the team the rest of my days. Besides a weekend trip to Vegas to California catch a game will be more fun than flying to LA.

  12. I agree with Joetoronto, there are not many teams in the league that could pull vegas off. The Raiders are one of them.

    Besides the regional teams in my area, The Patriots, Giants and Jets you see the other big three, Cowboys, Steelers & Raiders on car windows, hats, jerseys and so on.

    I travel for work…go to just about any place in the country, I have and you will see the regional team AND the Patriots, Cowboys, Steelers and Raiders gear everywhere. After that there are not many teams with a national/worldwide following. You don’t see the Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Colts, Jaguars, Cardinals or even ATM winning teams like the Seahawks many places besides their own territory.

  13. The NFL are screwing themselves again allowing a decades old franchise to re-locate. Why should Oakland citizens pay for building a new stadium? Hello, California tax payers are the heaviest taxed people in America. The NFL is boasting they grossed $12 billion last year. They better change their charter and model. Tax payer built stadiums will soon be a thing of the past. How stupid can the American tax payer be? Very stupid according to the NFL. How does the San Antonio Jets sound. Wise up owners. You’re digging your own long term grave. Hmmmm…lets see. How does the Carson City Chargers sound or the Las Vegas Raiders? They sound like semi-pro teams. Sad.

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