Steelers not interested in Darrelle Revis

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Two years ago, as cornerback Darrelle Revis was becoming a free agent, the Steelers expressed interest. So will they do it again?

Per a league source, the Steelers aren’t interested in bringing Revis back to Pittsburgh, the town where he grew up and where he played college football. Even if they were interested, chances are they wouldn’t offer enough to overcome the reality that, for $6 million or less in 2017, he’d essentially be working for free.

The current thinking among those having familiarity with Revis is that, for any offer in the range of $8 million or less, Revis will be inclined to collect $6 million from the Jets for not playing and sit out the year. Possibly, he’ll sit out for good.

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  1. Doesn’t make sense. Maybe someone can explain to me. He’s guaranteed 6 mil from the jets. Garaunteed! He’s on the wrong side of 30. If he wants anymore years making more then 0 mil a year I would think he’d be inclined to play just to prove he stil can. Not to mention if the jets are on the hook for the first six mil why wouldn’t there be several GMs lines up to offer him 8 or 9? Even an older Darrelle Revis is worth 4-5 mil out of pocket on a prove it deal. Unless that’s not how it works. Jersey sales alone net that money and the veteran presence is worth every bit. Even if he doesn’t get more then 6 mil still don’t see him turning it down. Just seems like it would be retirement if he sits out cause no one would pick him up next year another year older. If I was a GM I’d isI’dbe picking him up in a heartbeat.

  2. .
    As seen on Craigslist :

    Situation wanted : aging, has been CB who can’t cover and won’t tackle seeks sucker with 8 million to flush down the crapper. Contract must include a clause allowing player to ” opt out” after every snap. Respond to Mevis Industries.

  3. Given his age, lack of effort in tackling, and his poor play in 2016 if he sits out 2017, why would a team pay him more than the veterans minimum in 2018?

    Do old slow players who have declined become much better after sitting out a year?

  4. Guy had a chance to go down as an all time great corner.

    Instead he will go down as a selfish, me first, money hunting player who went from team to team only to end his career with being charged with multiple felonies.

    Later gator.

  5. Steelers aren’t interested in winning, either. Continuing to lay giant eggs during the post season.

  6. In the matter of three years he goes from being lauded as the #1 shutdown corner in the league to being a worthless washed up old guy.

    Perhaps he lost the drive to play when he went from the #1 team in the league to the lowly Jests? I mean, it was his own greed that caused it, but I can see how that change of atmosphere might cause these kind of problems.

    Wonder what he would play like now if he got on another playoff relevant team?

  7. When a man is at the top of his game, sure, the mercenary career path may seem appealing. When your skills diminish, though, so does the money. He’s going to make $6 ,000,000 for doing nothing this year. He probably should just accept that and retire with grace.

  8. What better way to exact a little bit of revenge, than
    taking the league minimum, and letting the Jets pay you
    to play for another team?

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