Vince Young’s CFL decision could be coming soon

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At a time when NFL players are looking for their future teams, a former NFL player is still considering a future in Canada.

Dan Ralph of the Canadian Press reports that Young could decide on whether to join the CFL within the next week. Young’s new agent, Leigh Steinberg, has been negotiating with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The 33-year-old Young is a long shot to actually play in a regular-season CFL game, and an even longer shot to thrive there. But, hey, if Tim Tebow can take up professional baseball after not playing since high school, Young can try to return to the professional sport he actually has played.

6 responses to “Vince Young’s CFL decision could be coming soon

  1. I would love to see the USFL come back. They had Jim Kelly, Reggie White, Herschel Walker, Kelvin Bryant. There are enough good football players who can’t make it in the NFL for one reason or another. These guys shouldn’t have to go to Canada.

  2. Last pic I saw of him he looked about 45 and tipping the scales well north of 260. CFL QBs typically need to be able to run… just sayin.

  3. I never got the hate thrust upon Vince Young. I can check off a bunch of red flags. Yea, but what NFL players wouldn’t trigger many of the same flags?

    He is a dumb as a rock. So is Jamaal Charles, Charles had a helluva run, Young, not so much. What really led to his downfall? Sure wasn’t character and off-field issues like Jamarcus Russell exhibited.

  4. you just can’t resist taking a shot at Tebow can you florio? it really must upset you that a guy actually lives his life the way he talks it. he is not a phony and you can’t find any dirt on him and it just drives you nuts. maybe he will not make it in baseball but he has the talent to give it a shot and is, it’s not like his life will end if he doesn’t make it. what harm is he doing pursuing his dream? spare me the bs about taking a job from somebody else, if there was somebody better than him then they would be playing instead.

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