Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan not in the office today


If Washington’s doing any negotiating today, it’s happening without the General Manager in the building.

According to Liz Clarke and Mike Jones of the Washington Post, G.M. Scot McCloughan was not at the team facility Tuesday when it became legal to contact free agents.

Team spokesman Tony Wyllie told the Post, “We’re busy with free agency,” but didn’t elaborate when asked where McCloughan was.

Team president Bruce Allen said last week that his G.M. would return “just as soon as things are handled,” after McCloughan skipped the Scouting Combine for the ostensible reason of a death in the family. McCloughan’s 100-year-old grandmother Marie McCloughan died Feb. 6.

This does little to curb the perception of dysfunction there. Perhaps Allen should pass out a few more contract extensions, since he’s apparently handling anything the team is doing this week.

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  1. i understand his grandma died, but its been over a month at this point.; something else is going on. AKA Allen is having his ego get in the away

  2. Good grief, why can’t their front office just announce he’s been fired and be done with it already. What positive purposes is all this cloak-and-dagger serving?

  3. why does he need to be there? even IF he was going to be a part of it, he has no part in the signing. Allen is the money man.

  4. I love following PFT, but y’all need to focus more on actual news. Who cares if somebody is dealing with an addiction. That’s his business and you come off looking petty? I come here to read about good football news, not to overstep the boundaries of personal space and human compassion. Just like the arrest tracker, you’re taking out the basic level of human compassion. Yeah, this could be a difficult thing for Washington, but not as difficult as whatever his family is going through.

    Stick to the news that actually matters!

  5. For Christ’s sake just say the guy fell off the wagon and is in rehab trying to get his life straight, and he will be back making the Skins great again very soon. I love what he has done with my beloved Redskins so far. Please keep this train on the track Snyder!!!!!!

  6. I don’t think it’s dysfunction plain and simple, as easy as it is for you guys to write it that way. I think it has more to do with the fact that the guy is going through a personal issue, that is NOT meant to be disclosed to the public. Yes, the Redskins are not doing a good PR job on this, but the reason might be more about a possible HR violation in disclosing an employee’s medical condition more than anything else.

  7. The contracts have been handled by Bruce Allen and Eric Schaffer. It has been this way since Scot McCloughan was hired and long beforehand as well. So they really don’t need Scot there as he wouldn’t be the one handling the terms of the contract to begin with.

  8. For all the trashing of Washington, they desrve a beak here — this likely has little to do with organizational dysfunction and more to do with substance abuse rehabilitation — they can’t make public comments on private employment matters.

  9. Scot is the GM. Doesn’t matter if he’s not the “money man.” What franchise doesn’t have their senior managers participating in major decisions? Well, what franchise besides Washington?

  10. I’m a Dallas fan who lives in the DC metro area. There has been conjecture about this for the past several weeks, and there is a lot of feeling amongst the pundits here McL isn’t coming back.

    I obviously don’t know what is going on, in fact I wonder if anyone truly does.

    What I do know is that whatever is actually going on, the Skins have a perception of a dumpster fire:
    – mishandling the QB situation last year AND this year.
    – mishandling DJax UFA this year
    – mishandling Garcon UFA this year
    – mishandling extending coach’s contract
    – mishandling coordinators.

    I truly don’t get it. How can they possibly be that oblivious and incompetent?

  11. He is not the only GM not working right now. Ted Thompson won’t be at work for at least 2 more weeks.

  12. Yep, as soon as Danny boys latest scapegoat, Scott McFraud, was exposed he is put out to pasture.

    Nice try danny boy. We all know your the biggest con in town.

    And that’s saying something.

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