Bad blood may keep Washington from dealing with 49ers

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Washington’s best path out of the Kirk Cousins franchise tag corn maze could be to work out a fair trade to the 49ers. Cousins, if he wants to, could force the issue by making it clear that he won’t sign the franchise tender until Labor Day.

But that still may not get it done. Thanks to spite.

Kevin Jones of KNBR reports that Washington owner Daniel Snyder “is holding onto bad blood” between himself and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. Snyder doesn’t want to help Shanahan succeed, which could keep the owner from ever signing off on any trade.

In the weeks preceding the firing of Mike and Kyle Shanahan at the end of the 2013 season, plenty of leaks unflattering to the front office emerged, with Mike believed to be the ultimate source. Last year, Mike Shanahan went on the record with his concerns regarding Snyder.

None of this changes the fact that getting a fair trade for Cousins may be much better than keeping him for 2017 and then either letting him walk away in 2018 or paying him $28.78 million (under the transition tag) or $34.47 million (under the franchise tag) for one more year. If he walks away next year, he goes straight to San Francisco and Washington simply gets credit toward its compensatory draft pick formula.

But billionaires, as we are learning almost every day, don’t always do the reasonable, sensible, or logical thing. And they tend to hold grudges even more strongly than people with far less money.

59 responses to “Bad blood may keep Washington from dealing with 49ers

  1. Jed York’s 49ers now NFL’s most dysfunctional franchise….

    Dan Snyder “BS hold my beer”

  2. “My Napoleon complex is bigger than the best interests of the team !!!”

    Snyder then stamped off was heard muttering “Respect my athori-tie dammit !”

  3. “But billionaires, as we are learning almost every day, don’t always do the reasonable, sensible, or logical thing. And they tend to hold grudges even more strongly than people with far less money.”

    taking shots at our POTUS?…… seriously what a loser thing to say , keep it about sports florio not politics.

  4. The Redskins are a dysfunctional organization. They finally get a good QB in Kirk and can’t give him a long deal. Who was thier last decent QB? Rypien who sucked and Brad Johnson who kinda sucked. Now they wanna play the tag game with a QB I wish my sorry Rams had. If I were Kirk I’d wanna leave too. They showing absolutely no faith or belief in a QB with back to back 4,000 yd and back to back winning seasons. They want Colts McCoy or some other QB in a very weak market. Screw Washington!

  5. Man its this type of petty garbage that will keep the Redskins from ever making a super bowl under Napolean Jr… glad Stephen Jones is primarily calling the shots now in Big D.

  6. “taking shots at our POTUS?…… seriously what a loser thing to say , keep it about sports florio not politics.”

    I thought he was talking about owners like Jones, York, Johnson, Haslam, Irsay, etc. But hey, if the shoe fits…

  7. The thrust of the article is that Cousins is a pawn in a childish power game orchestrated by an owner renowned for his churlish behavior. This should be a lesson to all UFAs the Washington is a toxic environment where business and winning are subject to the whims of a rich potentate. Avoid Washington at all costs!

  8. Snyder:”And you thought that Jimmy Haslam and Jed York were dysfunctional? The King still reigns baby!”

    So Snyder will prevent a trade to the only team that Cousins can go to all so he can join them in free agency in a year without the 49ers having to give anything up for him?

    Yeah…yeah…that’ll learn ’em good! You go Dan!

  9. The Redskins should have made the decision last year. Cousins will play for 24 million this year and more next year. Eventually, the Redskins will blink and stop being stubborn. Talk about poor management. It’s a business and Cousins maximized his salary. He has them right where he wants them.

  10. The Niners signing Hoyer puts them in a pretty comfortable position to just wait until next year to look at Cousins without Washington being in the mix.

    The Niners really need to spend a year rebuilding the line before they go after their long term qb anyhow.

  11. Oh the horror! There is no deal to be prevented in the NFL as long as it makes money for both sides. MONEY! All is forgotten and forgiven.

  12. I’m gonna kick myself when I’m old and dying for not becoming a billionaire during my lifetime. The ones I hear about, including the one running the free world (into the ground), are dumber than the last.

  13. Glad the 49ers are now not the most dysfunctional team in the league. If Cousins doesnt wanna be there why would you wanna hold him hostage.
    Skins fans have to be coming for Snyder now.

    Cousins. Come to the Niners. We are waiting.

  14. “But billionaires, as we are learning almost every day, don’t always do the reasonable, sensible, or logical thing…”

    What we are actually learning is that such billionaires are more competent and patriotic than corrupt professional politicians and politically-correct tools and have been proven prescient in their predictions.

    Keep your left-wing politics off the site. It’s killing ESPN (see subscriber cancellations).

  15. Kirk Cousins is laughing all the way to the bank. He has all of the leverage. For all we know he doesn’t even care to play for the Redskins but the big money keeps pouring in. He’s being paid like a top 10 QB with a new contract coming every season.

  16. What happened Joe? Did you ever envision seeing this organization fall so far? Jack Kent Cooke, I miss that guy. Snyder and Allen are a hot mess and have ruined a once glorious franchise. I am bitter.

  17. My issue with Cousin is he’s an average QB a Matt Schaub or Andy Dalton type QB. Mad regular season numbers and just good enough to keep you dancing around the edges of the playoffs and 1 and done exits.

  18. To all the critics, McC was probably the reason Cousins didn’t get an extension–rightfully so. Cousins has been the benefactor of one of the best o-lines in the league, 2 top WRs, a great slot receiver in Crowder and one of the game’s best TEs in Jordan Reed.

    The decision not to sign him long-term was made by McC and it was a smart choice. You could easily flip him for at least 2 2nd rounders. I don’t think Cousins is bad–but he was throwing INTs at a record rate before this o-line went from middle of the pack to a top 5 caliber o-line.

    McC was probably ready to trade Cousins but management isn’t gonna let it happen.

    Now, we’re stuck with Gruden and Cousins. Seems about right. It’s only fair that the head coach and franchise QB have inflated egos like the owner.

    Washington was too toxic for McC. I thought he changed the culture. If you don’t have faith in your GM even when he made your squad go from 4 wins to a division title–you don’t deserve him as your GM.

    I’m a Redskins’ fan and I hope McC wins a Super Bowl elsewhere. Only then will Snyder learn you have to let the process work itself out.

  19. I used to live Redskins football. I had a Redskins belt buckle just like Little Danny. I’d schedule around games and scramble to get a ticket or two to RFK, and that new turdbowl in MD. I watched Norval fumble through coaching. I put up with the Marty debacle and Zorn and our boy Vinnie. I’m tired. Pretty sure I’m done. I think Danny beat me. He beat the love of my team out of me and shook every last nickle he’ll ever get out of me.

  20. But billionaires, as we are learning almost every day, don’t always do the reasonable, sensible, or logical thing. And they tend to hold grudges even more strongly than people with far less money.

    So true

  21. How does dealing him help the Redskins? Its just bad business. Just “non-exclusive” franchise tag him again next year. His 3 year total will be about 26M/year by playing under the tags.

    Redskins get a top 15 QB with no long term commitment by slightly overpaying.

    Cousins get paid better than he deserves over that 3 year period and can still sign a big deal later.

    If Cousins doesn’t want the risk, then negotiate a longer deal for less money.

    If Cousins negotiates a good deal for himself with another team, the tag forces the return of two draft picks.

    What am I missing?

    Doesn’t seem complex to me.

  22. It looks like the Redskins are not convinced that Cousins can help them win the SB, so they are just using the franchise tag to keep him around for another season. May be they need the time to figure out whether he is worth the money of a long term deal paying him $20 plus million per year for several years. Personally I think Cousins is a better QB than Russell Wilson.

  23. Daniel Snyder is no longer the biggest buffoon in Washington, D.C. He’s actually starting to grow on me.

  24. I still dont get why they dont like Kirk enough to make a deal happen. How much better of a qb do they really expect to have in near future? Give him a nice deal and try to build around the guy for the next couple years jeez. This franchise has been throwing money all around on much worse then this anyway.

  25. Two days ago Jerry Jones stood on a soap ox and declared he would never trade Romo to Washington, I one batted an eye. Just Wow man.

  26. Washington’s ineptness is easily the best off season story of the year….and i love it! All Fail the Skins!

  27. The Redskins could have paid Cousins before they made him the starter. He would have accepted backup QB money then. They could have paid him what Kirk was asking last year and have him signed to a long-term contact. This year, they can still pay him top dog money. In another few years, with the expected CAP growth, he’ll be paid like middle of the pack by then and still be considered a bargain,

    But this is Washington, home of the bat-crap crazy Dan Snyder. If it can be done wrong, it will be done wrong here. If Dan is making the calls (as suspected) then Cousins will be traded for a pile of magic beans and a cow flop named Romo.

  28. And what we’re ACTUALLY learning is one of the unanticipated benefits of deciding early on it’d be good to really try in school and get a great education is the joy we get reading Trump supporters’ critical analyses.

  29. All of you warning players to stay away from one of the NFL’s 32 team are wasting your time. Players will go where money is. I’m sure some of you work for some of the worst companies in your industry. LOL

  30. You people are funny. I’m not a trump fan or a liberal but when I read the article I never thought a shot was fired at trump. It’s funny al thebtrump supporters looked at it like it was aimed at him. Sounds like you guys secretly know trumps a dummy by connecting those dots. At least you’ll do what most people do and stand behind your team politically or religiously no matter what they do. Only 3 years and 300 days left until another election. Not that it matters. The president doesn’t make your life better you do. They can only hurt it by killing jobs or people with war and policy. Let’s hope trump does minimal damage and same with the next guy.

  31. I don’t see how he or Tyrod Would want to play for either organization if they don’t think I’m good enough I’d pull a LeBron and go to a team that does.

  32. Why won’t the Redskins give Cousins a long-term deal? Who can they get at this point that’ll be better than him? It makes zero sense. He is by far the best option they have. By far. He’s not Rodgers/Brees/Brady, but there’s NOBODY available who is close to being as good him. They’ve got cap space. Why are they holding out on him?

  33. Given the shortage of decent QBs, isn’t it better to overpay Cousins, like 25MM/year and have a decent QB than to go 4-12 for 5 years with QBs like Colt McCoy?

    Just reach a deal.

  34. Well in all fairness, its not just bad blood. If Kyle does well with Cousins

    It will make Snyder and Co look like idiots(insane idiots) for forcing RG3 on us, then getting rid of the Shanahans when RG3 was terrible.

  35. Cousins stays. 49ers draft a qb in the 2nd round to groom. Kap goes to the Jets and Romo gets injured before October.

  36. Given the shortage of decent QBs, isn’t it better to overpay Cousins, like 25MM/year and have a decent QB than to go 4-12 for 5 years with QBs like Colt McCoy?

    Just reach a deal.
    You just lost both receivers and have the number 28 ranked defense. It’s best to trade him, cut cap space and rebuild. Draft a qb and some receivers this year and spend in free agency next year.

    But your problems run deeper than that. Your GM isn’t even in the building right now and he probably won’t be part of the draft. BTW, Scot MCcloghlin is one of the best drafters out there. He put together the 49ers teams that went deep into the playoffs a few years back and then did the same with Seattle.

  37. thepedestrianoff says:
    Mar 9, 2017 10:50 AM
    Owners own.
    The really strange thing is that so many of them are really bad at it.

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