Bills all-time leading scorer rebuffed in attempts to help kicker

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Former Bills kicker Dan Carpenter went through a rough patch last year, and was offered a hand by a guy who had plenty of success there.

But former Bills kicker Steve Christie, who spent nine years kicking well in the harsh conditions there, said Bills General Manager Doug Whaley turned down his offer to help.

Via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, Christie posted a message on social media about the offer.

“I’d like to wish the very best to Dan Carpenter and his future endeavors,” Christie wrote. “It’s not easy kicking in Buffalo! For the record, I did offer to help him, but was told by the GM that he wouldn’t be receptive to outsiders. You would think after kicking there for nine years, l wouldn’t be considered an outsider. But rather an experienced resource that was available to coach a fellow specialist in a time of need.”

The Bills offered a statement in response, saying: “Steve Christie is a valuable member of our alumni community and we appreciate all that he has done for this organization. He is the Bills’ all-time leading scorer and the top field-goal kicker in team history. We appreciated his offer to assist Dan and that was communicated to him. But we all just felt it was in the best interests to have Dan continue his working relationship with the coaches.”

As with so many things surrounding the Bills in recent years, the problem is with the perception rather than whether there’s any actual dysfunction.

Could Christie have helped Carpenter, if only to lend some moral support? Perhaps. Could he have planted ideas in his head that ran counter to advice the people being paid to give it were offering, adding to the jumble of thoughts in Carpenter’s head? Perhaps.

Either way, a team that has taken a recent step to improve their messaging has another P.R. mess to navigate through now.

16 responses to “Bills all-time leading scorer rebuffed in attempts to help kicker

  1. The New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills franchises are secretly run by the same incompetent people.

  2. What team ever has had a former player jump in, in the middle of a season, to be an unpaid member of the coaching staff? This sounds like a story that is being blown out of proportion.

  3. This guy has a coach. The worst thing you can do is have 5 guys telling you something different. I would say that it’s nice gesture by Christie, but it isn’t. Don’t make a generous offer and then post about it on social media. That’s mean and doesn’t help.

  4. How Pegula can’t see Whaley sucks is amazing, it shows you how little he knows about football.

  5. They are right. This wasnt the offseason or he wouldnt be speaking to Whaley. That means this happened during the regular season. During the regular season players only need to be speaking with team coaches. Imagine a QB going to get independent coaching during the week and messing up the throwing motion the team coaches have been working on for weeks or months. Same deal here. Imagine Christie had him work on a new kicking technique during the season and it throws him off balance and hes worse for a few weeks while he learns it. Now the team is losing games because of outside coaching.

  6. Just in case any of us forgot, seeing stories like this help to remind us how much it sucks being a Bills fan.

  7. This is something you do in the off season. Lot’s of players in the NFL work out and train with each other and personal coaches (non team affiliated). But during the regular season, you have to stay with the teams hired coaching staff. End of story.

  8. one thing is for sure. the approach taken by the bills resulted in them being dissatisfied by the performance of their kicker; to the point they released him.

    so, given the result, it wouldn’t have worked out worse had they availed themselves of the offer by christie.

    and it could be that christie knows more about kicking in that weather than the coaches on rex’s staff last year.

  9. This also happened during a season where they fired the coach, so obviously they had no problem with disruptions on the coaching staff. That’s a non-starter of an excuse.

  10. Not sure the owner knows or understands how to run a pro sports franchise. At minimum allow him to talk to the special teams coach responsible for the kickers.

    The Sabres are red hot this year…a game below .500 which is huge for them.

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