Bills will keep Tyrod Taylor after restructure

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The Bills are keeping quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

The team announced on Wednesday that it has agreed to terms with Taylor on a restructured contract. The Bills had until Saturday to make a decision on Taylor’s 2017 contract option.

“We are excited about the opportunity to keep Tyrod with the Bills,” new Bills coach Sean McDermott said in the team’s statement. “I’ve gotten a chance to know Tyrod and study him over the past several weeks and he is both a great person and competitor. [General Manager Doug Whaley] and I are confident this was best move for the Bills at this time.”

Taylor, 27, has been the Bills’ starter for the last two seasons and has thrown 37 touchdown passes in that time. His agreement to stay in Buffalo affects the quarterback market and might directly affect the plans for several teams as Taylor was expected to draw immediate interest had he hit the open market.

News of Taylor’s restructure came not long after the Associated Press reported that the Bills had reached out to veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer. That match would have made sense had the Bills released Taylor, who was a backup with the Ravens for four seasons before coming to Buffalo.

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  1. I see the subtle jab at the AP (Wawrow) for the Hoyer stuff.

    However, the Bills are in need of a backup, so I’ll take his word that they are in talks. Nice try.

  2. I’m happy about this one. I don’t think Tyrod is the long-term answer, but they would have gone backwards if they had let him walk. Interested to see what the details of the contract are. Good news that I’m mildly excited about. Now Sammy, 16 games in 2017!

  3. .

    Hear it’s in the 11-12 range. I’ll take it. I know I beat up on him a lot, but it was primarily because he’s not a $15 million guy with such high guarantees. This also frees up some much needed cap space. Robert Woods may be a Bill after all, or if Whaley wants what he’s been saying, Torrey Smith could be headed to Buffalo. Everybody piled on the Whaley hate train a little to early, don’t forget, this is really his first full season of having total roster control. No meddling from the Pegulas, no pressure from the loudmouth coach, just him. Its sink or swim time now though, nobody to hide behind. Make it count and right the ship.

  4. The Bills deserve to be stuck with this guy after picking him up and signing him to so much money. What a waste. He sucks!!

  5. This should be good news for the Bills fans. He’s not going to be a long term answer or ever be considered a top level QB, but they can say that they have a good QB at least and build around him. So many other teams right now that are still looking for a QB after so many failed try’s.

  6. Smart move!!! Not many better options on the open market, or in the draft.

    Tyrod was NOT the problem in Buffalo the last 2 years. The problem was a defense that was #1, that dropped to #30.

    If Tyrod was the QB for the 2014-15 Bills, they may have made some serious noise in the playoffs.

  7. He has crap for wideouts. He had crap for a D this past year. He was about as efficient as could be. Fix the problem spots – he was definitely not one of them.

  8. I’m not a Bills fan but I actually think this guy is pretty decent.
    Besides, who were they going to get that was better?

    There are just so few top qb’s that teams really need to make do with what they have.

  9. 2017 should be the year the Bills find the QB of the future and start to groom him. Might be a draftee, might be a 1 or 2 year veteran. Get him now. Taylor will have to do in the meantime.

  10. Good move in a weak QB market. He’s only going into his third season as a starter. He’s made progress each year, despite the team around him regressing. If they can fix their problems all over the rest of the roster, they have a chance to challenge for a wild card spot.

  11. Not thrilled w this move but nobody else is winning the east til Brady hangs up the cleats so no sense in overpaying Romo or Cutler this year.
    I’m hoping the bills still take a QB in the first or second round this year. Give him a year to learn, then start in 2018. Mahome from Oklahoma state seems like a good fit in the 2nd

  12. No one was going to pay him more than Buffalo. Smart move by TT. His last contract was beyond ridiculous, he wasn’t ever going to see that money anyway. Hopefully he didn’t give up too much money.

  13. Agreed, they probably would have gone backwards parting with Tyrod…and would have been better off. Instead they’ll likely continue with the 6, 7, 8 win train. Yay! A step backwards and a shot at a real QB in next year’s draft would have been a plan at least. There isn’t a worse place in sports than stuck in the middle. Not good enough to make the playoffs and not bad enough to get a top pick and a good shot at a franchise QB since the Bills haven’t been smart or lucky enough to find a legit QB since Kelly. I’d have been good extending the drought another year for the overall betterment of the team, but just to go around .500 again…I’m just tired of the Bills being so Billsy.

  14. As a Pats fan, I’ve never been worried when Tyrod has the ball.

    But the Bills weren’t going to do any better than keeping him, so this is the right move.

    And if they got him for $11 or $12 as some have suggested then they REALLY did the right thing.

    Also, Pat Magroin played at Texas Tech, not Oklahoma State.

  15. I’m a Dolphins, so lean towards hating all things Bills.

    But this is a good move for them. He can be a scary player. Time and time again I’ve seen him pull a TD out of nothing. Granted, I only ever watch Buffalo when they play Miami… but he always plays quite well against us.

    Glad they cut Carpenter. He always played well against us too.

  16. Taylor wasn’t what was wrong, but with the current state of the team, they need him to be what’s right to be any good instead of Mr Neutral. The Bills won’t be great with Tyrod…but they won’t be terrible either. They’ll just be what they’ve been…stuck in the middle. Why would you sign up for that? Be great or be terrible so maybe you can actually be great again sometime soon.

  17. Absolute nonsense on the $11-12M per year! That would make him 24th in pay! He and his agent are not that stupid on anew contract. 11 QBs make more than S20M and 18 make over $17M. The Bills are in a bind and have to sign him. Nothing else out there, but you are really out of touch on starting QB salaries.

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