Brian Hoyer will pick a team on Thursday

Getty Images

It’s not known specifically where quarterback Brian Hoyer will go for what will be the seventh stop in a career that has spanned eight years. However, it’s expected that Hoyer will pick a team by Thursday.

Hoyer was having a solid season in Chicago, with six touchdown passes, no interceptions, 7.2 yards per attempt, and a passer rating of 98.0, before suffering a broken arm during a Thursday night game against the Packers. He also performed well during a yo-yo year in Houston, and before that he was solid-but-not-spectacular with his hometown Browns.

The Jets (who nearly acquired him two years ago) and 49ers reportedly are pursuing Hoyer, who will at best be a stop-gap starter wherever he goes. Still only 31, he has plenty to offer in a team that doesn’t have nearly enough quarterbacks to go around.

Come Thursday, there will be one less; Hoyer will have selected his next stop.