Broncos president doesn’t know what team will do about Tony Romo

Getty Images

With Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo headed for the open market on Thursday, only two teams have been linked to him in a serious way. The president of one of those teams was asked about Romo on Wednesday night.

And while it’s always risky to say anything more about a player currently under contract with another team than “I can’t talk about a player under contract with another team,” Joe Ellis didn’t really say much of anything when asked about whether the Broncos will pursue quarterback Tony Romo.

I’ll leave that to [G.M.] John [Elway],’’ Ellis told Mike Klis of “I don’t know what John’s plans are specifically. I make a point of not asking him because then I would know and I’d have to tell you right now. . . . It will be interesting to see what we do. I’m sure John has a plan and he’s ready to execute it.”

This implies that the plan will consist of pursuing Romo. Indeed, if Elway had no interest in Romo, there would be no plan to execute.

Neither the Broncos nor the Texans nor anyone else can do anything until Romo officially is released. Once he is, any and all plans and non-plans can be executed.