Cardinals, Chandler Jones finalizing five-year deal

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Arizona is preparing to get its franchise player locked up.

Chandler Jones and the Cardinals are finalizing a five-year deal, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Jones could have made a guaranteed base salary of $14.6 million this season if he had wanted to play on the one-year franchise tag, but he and the team had been discussing a long-term deal, and it appears they’re now just about done with those discussions.

The Cardinals acquired Jones in a trade with the Patriots last season, and it was expected at that time that they’d eventually come to a long-term deal. In his first season in Arizona, Jones started all 16 games and recorded 11 sacks, and the Cardinals will now hope they get that kind of production from Jones for many more years.

19 responses to “Cardinals, Chandler Jones finalizing five-year deal

  1. Cardinals are going to pay 10s of millions for the same production Seahawks got out of Frank Clark for less than a million. That’s why they won’t make the playoffs. Again.

  2. Will be interesting to see the details, but it looks promising for Arizona’s pass rush.

    Jones and Golden made a good tandem last year and they’re both young.

  3. Hawks fans already touting Frank Clark as the second coming! Lol Lowest IQ fan base of all time

  4. If they can get some better pocket pushing from their D-Line, they can get back to contention quickly. Jones and Golden showed up last season, along with Swearinger who was also a new contributor, but they’re losing their best D-Lineman and they haven’t had a replacement on the other side of the line. Nkemdiche figures to help in the middle, but Arizona should figure to draft someone to help Jones and Golden get penetration.

    Of course, getting Daryl Washington back (if he is reinstated) will do a huge world of good for the Cards.

  5. Sure, the Patriots win titles, but you cannot deny they have let a lot of premiere talent walk right out the door (Jones, Collins, even Easley a 1st rounder) Chandler was a game changer for Arizona last year. They’re fortunate he’s theirs

  6. mudachains says:
    Mar 8, 2017 1:36 PM
    For everyone hating on AZ. It is currently 71 degrees, sunny, clear skies, and no wind. Time to go roll some putts!

    Lol…. That sounds AWESOME!!!
    Use to live in Chandler so I know how it is there this time of year….
    June, July & August are a bit more brutal!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  7. I shook my head in disbelief when I heard the Patriots traded him. Unfortunately it didn’t matter. Good for the Cards though, he truly is a franchise player on D.

  8. “Poor Chandler…..went from playing with BB, Brady and the champs to Bruce Arians, Palmer and the chumps…”

    I wouldn’t feel to bad for Chandler. Now, Jamie Collins being traded to Cleveland on the other hand….

  9. “Sure, the Patriots win titles, but you cannot deny they have let a lot of premiere talent walk right out the door”

    This may be the greatest comment in the history of PFT. Sure they win titles but….

  10. Between Jones and Golden, the SeaChickens offensive line in for trouble for years to come!

  11. @arzcardinals The franchise tag can not be switched to another player. It is a one use and done for the year tag. Teams needed to decide to use the tag or not use the tag last week.

  12. Jones had 2.5 sacks against Seattle this year. That’s why the Seattle fans criticize the signing – they hate the fact that he destroyed Lil’ Russ this year, and was one of the reasons why Seattle couldn’t beat Arizona.

  13. Jones came in and did everything we hoped for in AZ. We went from our biggest weakness being the pass rush to the NFL leader in sacks. Young Golden, who the previous year was near the top of the NFL in hurries but with no bookend OLB opposite him could not finish as QBs escaped left, ended with double digit sacks along with Jones. Jones also took the double team away from C Campbell, who at 31 had a career year…and it helped guys like young beast Rodney Gunter as well when he stood in for CC. Two young bookend OLBs locked up for years will be awesome as Gunter and Nkemdiche come up as DE/DTs. Honey Badger and PP21 in the backfield. Buchannon and some draft choice ILB and Cards are set.

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