Dolphins bring back Andre Branch on long-term deal

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The Dolphins are making a point of keeping their own pass-rushers, other than Mario Williams of course.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Dolphins have agreed to a long-term deal with Andre Branch, keeping the 27-year-old around.

The Dolphins had previously jettisoned Williams, but extended Cameron Wake.

Branch had 5.5 sacks in his first year with the Dolphins, after coming over from the Jaguars in free agency last year.

11 responses to “Dolphins bring back Andre Branch on long-term deal

  1. Love it. Finally a front office that takes care of its own. Now sign stills. Show the players when u perform u get rewarded. 👍🏻

  2. Like it, he played well when he was made the starter and he’s still young. He did have some bonehead penalties that cost the team, though. Hopefully it’s not too much per year, I’d like to think around $5-$7 mil a year. This allows them to keep the focus on LB’s and DB’s in the draft and maybe get a late RD DE to develop while Wake is there.

  3. We’ll take him, thank you.
    Smart move – reward those who’ve stepped up.
    Thank you FO for getting it right finally.

    Now go sign Stills and get a FA OG or 2.
    We saw how the “unicorns” made a difference.
    Time to make that an every game reality.

    Draft some LB/DB studs in the draft and bring on camp already!!!

  4. I would say three years is on the short term of such, but maybe Branch is setting himself up already for his third contract…..and he is still young.

  5. And btw — reports are it was three years and $27 mil. Wonder what Stills thinks about that…..and don’t get your phin heart set on that one.

  6. jimmypx says:
    Mar 8, 2017 3:12 PM
    As a Jags fan, the Fins can keep “Brancher”.
    And since there’s still no proof the jags coaching staff can coach the talent they have.

  7. I was thinking if we lost Branch than who else do we got to play DE? Both Mario Williams and Jason Jones were cut. Outside of Wake and Branch we ONLY had Fede on the roster. Of course there was also the forever curious case of Dion Jordan. With Branch getting signed we now have ONLY three DEs on the roster….what if he wasn’t signed? Wake and Fede would have been the starters with no backups

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