Giants announce increase in ticket prices

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The Giants went 7-1 at home last season and that marks their best home record since moving into MetLife Stadium.

A new high in the record book will be followed by a new high at the box office. The team announced that they are raising ticket prices in a letter to season ticket holders. Seats will be four percent more expensive on average in a change that the Giants have largely resisted since settling into the replacement for Giants Stadium.

“For most of you, this is the first overall increase to your season ticket pricing since we moved into MetLife Stadium in 2010,” Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch wrote, via

A previous regular season price hike was balanced out by the team’s decision to cut the price of preseason tickets in half. Most non-club seats will go up $5 this season while some lower-level seats between the 30s on one side of the stadium will go up by $10 in 2017.

The Giants host the Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Rams, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers and Lions this year.

10 responses to “Giants announce increase in ticket prices

  1. I get free tickets for just about every game, decent seats as well. About 15 rows back in either sections 110 on Giants side or 135 on visitor side. I’d never go to any NFL game if I had to pay for tickets and parking. And although I can go cost free, at best I attend 4 games per year.

  2. Gotta pay for signing all those free agents last year and signing Brandon Marshall now.

    Seriously — how much money do these owners need to make????? If the fans had any guts — they don’t — they’d boycott the first game.

  3. newjerseygiants:

    YOU may not pay for them, but somebody DOES! Those are pretty nice seats and are MUCHO expensive plus a hefty PSL involved also. Parking is still reasonably cheap at $30 per game. How do you get them by the way?

  4. Didn’t the Patriots announce they’re keeping their prices unchanged? Before you hollar abour how they’re at the top end of ticket prices as is, please remember New England is the ONLY sports area in the country where all 4 major sports teams(Pats, Celts, Sox, B’s) all are privately run and funded. The fans do not have to fund the stadiums and upkeep.

  5. Dose not effect me one bit I haven’t been able to afford their prices for at least 15 years so raise away !

  6. mrkbuilders says:
    Mar 8, 2017 9:56 AM
    Didn’t the Patriots announce they’re keeping their prices unchanged?

    Yes, after they bumped them in ’14 and ’16 they are keeping them level this year. FYI, MetLife is truly a privately funded stadium, as in $0 in public money used. It’s not taking anything away from Kraft to point out that 17% of the cost associated with building Gillette was taxpayer money spent on ‘infrastructure’ vs 0 at Metlife. That same infrastructure supports Kraft’s cash cow at Patriot Place. Fenway’s renovations received substantial tax breaks and the TD Garden sits atop a Mass transit parking garage paying a $1 a year in ‘air rights’ rent. FWIW this is the first increase our seats have seen since the stadium opened and they amount to about $11 per ticket. Considering what we got bent over for in PSL fees the least they could do was hold ticket prices level for the past 7 years and John Mara always does the leats he can do.

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