Joe Mixon runs the 40 in 4.43 seconds at his Pro Day workout

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Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon didn’t get a chance to run the 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine last week. He ran it today at his Pro Day workout in Oklahoma.

A source on the scene says Mixon covered the distance in 4.43 seconds. Teams often will adjust the times to account for the differences in surfaces between the Scouting Combine and other locations; Mixon ran on a synthetic surface similar to the field at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The other complication is that electronic timing rarely occurs at Pro Day workouts; most prospects are hand-timed in the 40. Thus, the numbers will vary. Still, it’s clear Mixon ran fast.

As Mike Mayock explained on Tuesday’s PFT Live, fast guys run fast and slow guys run slow. It’s only news when those expectations aren’t realized. For Mixon, the stew of factors is complicated by his off-field misconduct from July 2014, and his ultimate draft stock will depend in large part on the information obtained about whether what he did was an aberration or whether it was part of a trend.

Still, his speed and skills more than justify the effort to learn more about Mixon before the time comes to write his name on a draft card.

28 responses to “Joe Mixon runs the 40 in 4.43 seconds at his Pro Day workout

  1. It would be interesting to see fans flipping back and forth from having a problem with him to not having a problem with him (and visa versa) based on who drafts him.

  2. This kid payed his debt for what he did and now its time to see if he is better bcuz of it. I would love the ravens to give this guythe 2nd chance he deserves since they never gave one to ray rice!!

  3. the only consequence will be he drops to round 2 and loses some money in a civil suit

  4. poison66 says:
    Mar 8, 2017 11:12 AM

    I wouldn’t touch the woman face smasher. No thanks

    you’re no GM so he’ll be alright

  5. If this guy gets drafted 3rd round or above he owes Tyreek Hill a fruit basket.

  6. 3 Finger Lenny says:
    Mar 8, 2017 11:06 AM
    I’m sure some team will take a swing at him

    But will Mixon swing back?

  7. Come on some team with an owner who has few morals and even lesser character will take a swing at him. You know just like Mixon does at women…….

  8. He’s a young guy. Give him a second chance. Everyone messes up a time or two in life. I can’t Stand people who want to see everybody crash and burn but I guess that’s the liberal way

  9. Just for the record; I am a Pats fan and I think that Mixon should get a chance to play in the NFL.

    But I hope like hell that the Pats don’t sign him.

  10. Stop comparing him to Lawrence Phillips. He wasn’t the primary aggressor in the conflict, AND had he not been struck first he wouldn’t have been the secondary aggressor, either.

    If you don’t want to GET HIT, DON’T HIT. You can’t hit someone and not expect to get hit back. Yes, he hit her back harder than she hit him, but let me pose this scenario:

    Mike Tyson is bigger than me and would easily beat my butt. If I hit Mike Tyson first and he punches me and breaks my face it doesn’t matter that it’s a mismatch, I should have kept my hands to myself. Women should not instigate physical contact with men – though should defend themselves if attacked

    Could Tyson have ignored my pitiful punch? Yes, but my action caused his reaction, and it was more of a reaction than I expected, and more than I would have gotten had I kept my hands to myself. This isn’t even Ray Rice. Watch the video, she hit first, he hit back. This isn’t someone who hits women or lacks control, but someone who was attacked, and overreacted.

  11. He’ll probably end up at one of the 2 teams in the Pink and Blue division that doesn’t really care if a player rapes and/or punches a woman.

  12. What tyreek hill was way worse. If Hill went in the 5th round, some team will use a 2nd or 3rd round pick and draft Mixon.

  13. Vikings, Colts or Lions. In that order. No way Mixon makes it to the 7th round. I’m guessing the 5th.

  14. He has a Leveon Bell – type skillset and talent.

    I would love for my team to have him as a player, but I don;t want a guy like this on my team.

    He has had other issues.

    I do hope he can put all of this behind him.

  15. Mixon is a better RB than Lazy Fournette. It’s a toss up between Mixon and Cook for the best RB in this draft class. If I was the Giants, I would draft him in the 3rd round.

  16. I think he deserves another chance but I am not sure he is remorseful. To his whitewashers I request that they honestly ask themselves if they were in the same situation can they see themselves chasing someone into a store to continue a heated argument and, when slapped by a woman, hitting her so hard it breaks her face.

  17. Godofwine330
    He was the agressor… he lewdly cat called her (shocking), stalked her to a restaurant and confronted her at her table where he started a hate crime. Then he broke her jaw, cheek bone and eye socket because he got slapped for being an as hole…. talk about bringing a gun to knife fight.

    Two years later he escalated another situation by hitting a woman in the face with a patking ticket… sounds like an abusive patter towards women.

    BTW- guys that defend them sound like they grew up watching thieir mothers get beat.

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