Kyle Juszczyk exploring the “Swiss Army Knife” market

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Well, at least no one reported that the Bills were 95-percent certain to sign Kyle Juszczyk.

Buffalo had been linked via an ESPN report to the Ravens (for now) fullback. However, the Bills have signed fullback Patrick DiMarco instead, which means Juszczyk will sign elsewhere. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Juszczyk wants to go to a place where he will become a “Swiss Army Knife,” playing a variety of roles in the offense.

That could make Juszczyk attractive to the Patriots, who greatly value versatility and the unpredictability it can provide. To date, however, the Patriots have not emerged as a suitor for Juszczyk.

The Browns also have been linked to Juszczyk, but it’s believed he has multiple options. At this point, however, the Bills apparently won’t be. Unless the deal with DiMarco falls through.

11 responses to “Kyle Juszczyk exploring the “Swiss Army Knife” market

  1. I’ve been reading that the Niners are the leader on this one. Shanahan needs a FB.

  2. Yes the Patriots would value a swiss army knife type player, but that isn’t going to happen. He’ll be getting top fullback money, which of course isn’t much compared to nearly every other position. However, New England will not pay that. Also they just signed their own fullback to an extension in the past week. Speaking of their on fullback he is one of the three best in the league at this point. So NE won’t go that route. I’m excited to see where he goes, how he is used, and how much he gets paid. (disclosure: not a Patriots fan)

  3. This guy is a player. Kind of guy that helps win championship and his cap hit is usually not big. Love watching him play.

  4. Is there a reason why Baltimore is not bringing him back? He was Joe’s second best option last season.

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