McCloughan’s departure from D.C. “inevitable”

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Last week, Washington president Bruce Allen said G.M. Scot McCloughan will be back. On Tuesday, PFT pointed out that he may not be.

Now, the Washington Post reports the McCloughan won’t return.

Liz Clarke and Mike Jones of the Post write that “it has become clear that [McCloughan’s] departure from the team is inevitable,” citing multiple unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation.

McCloughan, per the report, has become “increasingly frustrated by ongoing frictions” with Allen regarding personnel moves. McCloughan also was miffed by the failure of the organization to defend him after team employee Chris Cooley suggested that McCloughan, who has a history of alcohol issues, may be drinking again.

Clarke and Jones report that players and team employees “have received indications” that McCloughan won’t be back. For now, the team apparently is trying to decide how to part ways with him.

McCloughan is under contract for two more years. Owner Daniel Snyder could try to terminate McCloughan for cause, blocking any obligation for ongoing payments. Looming over the entire situation are federal and state labor laws that protect employees against disability discrimination arising from actual or perceived alcoholism.

It’s not known what Washington will do to resolve this situation. As with plenty of other decisions the team has made in recent days and weeks, however, it could be safe to assume that the front office will eventually find a way to bungle it.

59 responses to “McCloughan’s departure from D.C. “inevitable”

  1. Im trying to read the sports news to see whats happening around the NFL but it seems every other story I hit is about some sort of dysfunction in Washington. Are they gonna be ok?

  2. Remember that brief moment when they feigned being a legitimate professional sports franchise? Well, back to normal for them.

  3. Everyone’s departure from D.C. is inevitable. Town is nothing but carpetbaggers.

  4. Looking forward to Washington returning to the glory years of overpaying for washed up free agents looking for a payday and then phoning it in before exiting the league.

  5. Well DC sniffs success Bruce Allen definitely wants not part of that. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was Cooleys source to start the flames

  6. I could never understand how people like Bruce Allen tick. They get to their positions of power with connections and by basically brown nosing powerful and/or rich people yet when they get in their own positions of power they act like dictators and treat people with no respect. It’s like they are making up for all those years of faking being nice.

  7. They should start up the Redskins nickname debate just to draw attention away from the dumpster fire.

  8. As a life long Redskins fan this breaks my heart. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are fools. Going into the off season I had such high hopes. A great offense, great GM who has made some really good draft picks the past couple of years. All we needed was a few pieces on defense, sign Cousins to a long term deal and I really feel we could be a playoff teams for years to come. Now it looks like we are moving backwards and we should get ready for the 5-11 standard we are so used to. Thanks Danny and Bruce.

  9. Dan Snyder, and his grossly over-inflated ego, doesn’t deserve a GM of McCloughans skills. He should do everyone a favor and sell the team.

  10. Can someone explain the value Bruce Almighty Allen adds to the Redskins? He is second guessing the pics, please! He ran the Bucs into the ground along with cap hell and it appears he is working his magic with the skins. George would be proud!

  11. Allen is a disaster. He can’t deal with the notion that McCloughan is succeeding where Allen failed.

    Allen and his jealousy are single handedly killing this franchise. If Snyder doesn’t come to his senses and get rid of him, the Browns will win a Super Bowl before the Skins do!

  12. When did Cooley say that McLoughan may be drinking again? I listen every day and he’s shied away from speculation, though he did say that if he is drinking, he hopes he gets the help he needs.

  13. Danny must have become worried they might actually turn into a respectable franchise.

    Bruce, call Vinny Cerrato and have him tell you how things are done. And get rid of Scot, I don’t need quality players through the draft. I can evaluate talent as good as anyone.

  14. This is obvious speculation, but hot damn – if this is a pissing contest over who wanted RG3 vs Cousins, this is unbelievably pathetic.

  15. I mean if it comes down to it, fire Allen and keep McLoughan. Allen failed as the GM from 2009-2014 and was demoted when McLoughan came on board. He was likely only kept because while he sucks at evaluating talent, he’s a good politician and cap manager. Since the beginning of 2015, the Redskins have posted 2 straight winning seasons and Scot has continually found underrated guys that perform well for the team. If one must go, it has to be Allen.

  16. You said your only agenda was supplying information on free agency – I don’t think that was a truthful statement on your part – your only agenda is promoting your Democrat party. I’ll look elsewhere for my free agency news.

  17. I can see why he’s frustrated. They’ve botched the Kirk Cousins situation badly. They shouldn’t have tagged him this year. Heck they shouldn’t have tagged him last year. Because now he’s not going to sign long-term unless it’s for $24 million/year. They should’ve let the market decide his value this year (and last year).

  18. I’m really not one to chime in on the disfunction stuff, but I will say that the next time that Dan Snyder is relevant in the NFL will be the very first time.
    He has taken a storied franchise and turned it into a punchline.
    I hope Scot gets out quick

  19. Even as an Eagles fan, this is sad to see. I thought Jerry in Dallas was the epitome of a joke. Snyder and his group are making them look like pikers. Please note that I am not saying the Eagles are any better. Do not think running a franchise would be that hard, once you removed all the egos.

  20. Gee remember when the Redskins were a functional team under Joe Gibbs and Bobby Bethard……and the only team gossip involved Jack Kent Cooke and his succession of younger wives….Ole for the good ole days….SIGH!

  21. I dont think you can point the finger an blame one person in this office…its a dumpster fire…

    the question is who will put that fire out an fix it.

  22. Wow, this guy was doing so well as GM. He hit a low point and now the seeds are planted to oust him??
    I swear this is like Othello.
    With Bruce Allen playing Iago

  23. It’s very apparent what’s going on here. McC didn’t want Gruden–he knows the guy is incompetent.

    As awful as RG3 was, Gruden exacerbated it by critiquing his own QB. Gruden was lucky the Eagles mishandled DJax and Jordan Reed (drafted by Shanny) finally got healthy and the coach of the Dallas o-line called it quits and Washington built a formidable front.

    Now, DJax is gone, Garçon is gone, their OC McVay is gone and all we’re left with is Gruden and Cousins.

    McC wanted Cousins traded too–the reason he wasn’t okay with an extension last year was because he knew Cousins was a benefactor of a top 5 O-line, 2 top WRs, a top 3 slot receiver in Crowder and a top 3 TE in Jordan Reed.

    McC probably wanted to trade it to San Fran and get picks. With a trade, Washington could go ahead and sign some good pieces like Britt, Cruz and maybe Kaep. All probably for $30 million max. Meanwhile Cousins is eating away a $25 million salary.

    Mark my words: Gruden will be fired next year and Washington will restart this agonizing cycle. Cousins will probably become an INT machine again and leave via FA.

    I should’ve known Snyder would meddle again..Why must I ever have hope as a Redskins’ fan?

  24. If this is what Snyder wants he’s getting rid of the wrong guy. McCloughan knows football. Allen has already shown he cannot build a roster.

  25. You can blame Bruce Allen. You can blame McCloughan. But look at the long list of successful coaches and personnel people who have come to work for Dan Snyder and had the worst years of their careers. Lucky for Snyder, Jed York has come along.

  26. This organization is an enigma. That or a textbook example of how not to do things.

    Or maybe both.

    The question isn’t “are they really that bad?” The questions are, how’d they get that way, and how can they get things moving in the right direction? Good luck to them.

  27. As Lincoln said when told that General Grant was a drunk who drank lots of whiskey, “Send a case of whatever he is drinking to my other generals!”

  28. I have lost all respect for Cooley. He may be dumb enough to be used by Allen/Snyder but I doubt it. Allen is a politician, nothing more. Snyder’s tiny, Napoleonic ego has been the destruction of this franchise.

    Cousin leaves and I no longer watch or care about the REDSKINS.

  29. As a Redskins fan for nearly 30 years, I’ve given up.

    Dan Snyder will never change. This franchise will never resemble the once proud organization it used to be.

    His pride and ego are so important to him, he will never admit his failure and sell the team to someone more competent. Even if they offered him 300 billion dollars.

    The reality is, he will own this team till he dies, and drive it into the ground. (Hint: he already has).

  30. If we (Redskins fans) were to boycott…..SERIOUSLY BOYCOTT…..the team I believe that Dan Snyder would listen after being hit where it hurts: HIS WALLET!!!

    Boycotting would mean: (1) not watching the games, (2) not buying tickets and the merchandise, (3) not going on the Redskins Website, (4) not listening to the Redskins’ radio.


  31. Sad how people are blaming Snyder for McCloughan’s own personal problems. Just shows people are willing to believe the worse about Snyder before hearing the facts of the situation. I will wait to hear McCloughan’s side of the story.

  32. PLEASE FIRE BRUCE ALLEN!!! He’s the one common denominator is all of the Redskins Woes the past 15-20 years. He has no Idea what he’s doing and pisses off all those who do. GET RID IF HIM! HE IS KILLING OUR TEAM!

  33. What’s going on here makes no sense at all…..
    I can’t understand why they wouldn’t sign Cousins & pay him what he wants. He IS the best qb available by far, they should have given him a good contract. Now it’s devolved into chaos, and they’re going to lose the best gm they’ve had in 25-30 yrs as well? With no answers at either position? What the heck is going on there??

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