Patriots haven’t discussed Adrian Peterson

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Soon-to-be-free-agent running back Adrian Peterson is interested in plenty of teams. There’s still no indication of any team being interested in him, however, especially at the income level to which he has grown accustomed.

One team he’d reportedly consider is the Patriots. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Patriots have not yet discussed Peterson. The source also said it would be safe to assume that the Patriots won’t pursue him.

It makes plenty of sense. Apart from the questions arising from the well-publicized 2014 off-field incident, Peterson is accustomed to a level of compensation and a degree of involvement in the offense that would make it very hard for him to mesh with the ultimate do your job/know your role organization. LeGarrette Blount already has shown that he knows how to embrace a team that sometimes calls on him to carry the ball a lot, sometimes doesn’t. (Blount once again is a free agent, but he always seems to re-sign with the Patriots.)

That’s not to say Peterson couldn’t make the adjustment, but with coach Bill Belichick rightfully obsessed with the concept of team, Peterson would stand out in a way that doesn’t mesh with winning championships. Other options are available, with far lower risk of an unwelcome string of distractions.

40 responses to “Patriots haven’t discussed Adrian Peterson

  1. I think Peterson would be a good fit in NE, all though I have to laugh at the fact that no one seems to be as interested in him as he seems to be interested in ALL 32 teams in the league!

  2. The issue has to be cost. I mean paying ADP normal RB starter money would be a no brainier since the upside is massive.

    Paying ADP ADP money is really risky cause he has to look like a top 3 RB to justify it and for a team like the Pats its hard to risk blowing that much on a single player when your team is the best in the league based on its relatively well rounded nature.

  3. People had the same doubts about Corey Dillon from the Bengals when he went to the Pats, how did that work out?

    Oh, yeah, he got a superbowl ring.

  4. People had the same doubts about Corey Dillon from the Bengals when he went to the Pats, how did that work out?

    Oh, yeah, he got a superbowl ring.

    Corey Dillon wasn’t a well-documented headcase with fumble issues and a gigantic opinion of himself.

  5. .
    If the Patriots are interested, they won’t be making a move early on. They’ll wait to see how the market for Peterson develops. If it’s a soft market, Belichick may bite.

  6. terripet says:
    Mar 8, 2017 1:29 PM
    Patriots D is gonna be horrible next year


    Your team is horrible every year

  7. i honestly dont know who will sign him.

    1. Packers
    2. Broncos with Romo although Mike mcCoy would not like him
    3. Seattle But Darrell Bevell knows him too well

    Its Packers or Bust! lol

  8. “Peterson would stand out in a way that doesn’t mesh with winning championships.”
    Pretty much what all the teams are thinking. What has he won? Remember when he carried that team on his back to win those playoff games? Me either.

  9. I’ve never seen a player fumble more times in more crucial situations than Adrian. Here’s one you guys forgot. Right before halftime against New Orleans in the NFC championship game when the Saints flubbed a punt. Remember that one. Oh yeah!!

  10. He’d get Brady killed no thanks. It would make me puke to see him in a Pats uni anyway.

    Besides, I think its pretty safe to make a blanket “report” that no team is interested in signing Peterson at the moment. He’s toxic and over the hill.

    Maybe after injuries set in during the early season but not now. And even then for vet minimum with a few incentives will be the best he gets.

  11. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Mar 8, 2017 1:56 PM

    If anyone can deflate your team its AP.
    I see what you did there, cute. Unoriginal but hey, we’ve come to expect nothing original.

  12. He wants to join a team who’s primary offense is a pass offense? Good luck with that, you injury-prone twit. You’re days are done. You need to do what Robert Smith did and quietly retire and fade away into obscurity.

  13. terripet says:
    Mar 8, 2017 1:20 PM
    Patriots should sign him so he can go out on a losing team

    I dont see him being a good add to the Patriots I agree, but I wouldn’t think he would hurt them as much as you are suggesting.

  14. Why all the AP hate? Washed up? Does anyone understand sample size? Played a game and a half last year behind the worst o line in NFL history. Last time i saw him play a full season he led the league in rushing. He would be a great fit in NE, use him as a 2 down back give him the Blount carries and he’d thrive. They run under center as much or more than any team in the leauge still which is his strength. He is certainly lacking in the self awareness department but to say he’s a horrible teammate or me-first just isn’t true.

  15. After the way that Robert and Jonathan Kraft each went out of their way to publicly denounce players who commit domestic violence … No way the Patriots were ever going to even think about signing Peterson.

  16. As usual, if BB has any interest it will be only if the guy comes dirt-cheap and signs for a ring fling. BB isn’t going to waste money on running backs when he has Brady.

  17. Funny how this cheap signing of free agents for Belichick is only around when they have Brady. Once Brady leaves Belichick will need to retire because he won’t be as comfortable as he is.

  18. Those making the negative comments about New England at this point are just pathetic. Give it a rest. Nobody finds it as humorous as you think you do.

  19. There’s really nothing negative you can say about AP as a football player. The guy is an absolute stud, one of the all time greats, and any team would be lucky to have him.

    But anyone who thinks the Patriots would invest in an expensive 31 year old running back, after signing Dion Lewis off the streets, the 2016 AFC rushing TD leader off the streets, and finding the arguable Super Bowl LI MVP in the 5th round of the draft… clearly has not followed this franchise for long.

  20. Doesn’t pick up LB’s and can’t catch…BB likes versatility…in Peterson’s prime he was a force to be reckoned with but I don’t think he has the skill set Coach is looking for. If the Pats lose Blount, they will find someone else to plug in.

  21. Just about everybody is reporting that Blount is as good as gone. The Patriots only signed him once as a free agent. They got him originally in a trade with Tampa Bay. He later signed with Pittsburgh. The Patriots signed him after the Steelers released him. In any case, the Krafts won’t want Peterson. Lacy might be a cheap alternative with a contract with a weight clause.

  22. Why is anyone surprised that nobody wants AD? I don’t think he’s that special. I highly doubt he’ll even make the Vikes ring of honor much less the Hall of Fame.

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