Report: Chiefs tight end Demetrius Harris arrested for marijuana

Getty Images

The Chiefs are dealing with other business at the moment, but have a new headache.

According to KMBC, Chiefs tight end Demetrius Harris was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

In Missouri, felony possession is more than 35 grams (an ounce and a quarter), so it’s not an inconsiderable amount. He was sent to the Bates County Jail (south of Kansas City) and released Monday.

The 25-year-old tight end signed a three-year contract extension with the Chiefs last offseason. He caught 17 passes last year, including one for a touchdown from Dontari Poe on the “Bloated Tebow Pass,” which may now be known as the “Bloated Tebow Puff Puff Pass.”

He was fined for celebrating that one, and may now face additional punishment from the league, regardless what the criminal justice system in Missouri does with him.

The Chiefs have yet to put out the statement saying they are aware, investigating, and declining further comment while they gather more information.