Report: Lawrence Timmons to visit Dolphins after free agency begins

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Linebacker Lawrence Timmons has spent his entire NFL career with the Steelers, but he’s reached the end of his contract and reportedly talking to the Dolphins about making a move.

Jeremy Fowler of reports that Timmons is set to visit the Dolphins after free agency opens on Thursday afternoon. Fowler adds that Timmons’ agents have been speaking to the Steelers as well, but that nothing at this point suggests he won’t hit the open market.

Teams are not allowed to arrange visits with players until tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET, so if the Dolphins have actually scheduled a meeting with Timmons, they could be hearing from the league office.

Timmons has missed just two games since joining the Steelers as a first-round pick in 2007 and has been a starter since the 2009 season, so moving to a new team would be a big change of pace. With plenty of time to go before any deals can become official, that or other considerations could lead to things looking very different by 4 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Whether they land Timmons or not, the Dolphins will be making moves at linebacker. They’re working on a long-term deal with Kiko Alonso and at least one free agent addition to the group seems likely as they try to build on a playoff berth in Miami.

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  1. Timmons will play for another team, possibly Miami, for one year. He will then return to the Steelers on the James Harrison career extension in a needle program.

  2. raiderinva says:
    Mar 8, 2017 6:49 PM
    Timmons will play for another team, possibly Miami, for one year. He will then return to the Steelers on the James Harrison career extension in a needle program.


    A Raiders fan who’s completely unfamiliar with the benefits of working hard…. I’m shocked.

  3. LMAO at the James Harrison career extension in a needle program sounds like the same one Tom Brady’s been on for a while

  4. “He’s 31 and has regressed. Just don’t overpay. There is a reason why the Steelers have let him hit the free agent market.”

    Perhaps because Pitt actually has young players who can step up where Miami had one decent LB last year in Kiko. The rest of Miami’s LB’s couldn’t even make another teams PS.

  5. Now he can chase Edelman TWICE a season. Keith Butler should be fired for that trash scheme.

  6. Timmons is better then every lb on our roster. Rather hes old or not. Veteran leadership. For what’s going to be young lb core. Depending on how the draft goes. They can learn for a year or two under him. 2 3 yr deal max. and hes durable.

  7. It would look really, really strange to see Timmons in any uniform other than the black-and-gold, and I would miss him a lot. However, Timmons is not anywhere close to as good as he used to be. In his prime he was a premier 3-down LB. Today, he’s mostly good against the run, more than a step too slow to pass cover, and only effective as a pass rusher if you line him up outside. I know that the Dolphins haven’t had good linebackers since… well, for a reeeeeeally long time… and Timmons will help, but he is regressing quickly. The Steelers will plug in Vince Williams and do just fine talent-wise, though the quiet leadership of Timmons will be missed.

  8. He regressed according to some no nothings? Yet he was the best player on defense for the steelers last season. What does that tell you about the steelers D?

  9. Smart move if the money’s right.
    Bottom line: Timmons > Misi (and any back ups)
    #21 on PFTs 100 FA

    For the love of football evaluate Dion Jordan and make something of him or cut him and this LB corps. Kiko, Timmons and maybe a Jabaal Sheard with Jenkins, Paysinger Hull and maybe Jordan as backups.

    Next issue: sign Sims
    Evaluate Quddus: sign Micah Hyde (GB)
    Sign OG Leary from Cowboys

    Logan Ryan would be a luxury/wishful thinking/nice steal

  10. Must be frustrating to win a Superbowl and now realize you’ll never win another with the current regime of egg layers. Wish him well wherever he ends up unless it’s in the same hole where he’s been since day 1.

  11. At 31, Timmons is still one of the top linebackers in the NFL! With the Dolphins expecting to draft one of the top young linebackers in the draft at either #22 or #54 picks. Timmons, would be a perfect fit for the team. With his multi-playoff & SB experience, his hard work ethic, & the fact that he’s only missed two games out of nine year carrier speaks volume’s! Signing Timmons to a team friendly 3 to 4 year contract would give the Dolphins the true MLB leader this team hasn’t had since Zach Thomas played his last game in Miami. Sure in coverage skills aren’t what they once were, but he can still roam around in the 5 to 15 yard range, & is a sure tackler! This could be a great signing for the Dolphins if the price is right! John

  12. The Steelers like Vince Williams, the hardest hitting player on the team, who backed up both Shazier and Timmons last year, and is signed very affordably for the next two years. The Steelers even have guys behind them like “Dirty Red” Tyler Matakevich and Steven Johnson, and probably a late round draft pick. Pittsburgh kept six inside linebackers much of the year. This is a position where they can afford to lose a starter if they have to.

    While he’s already said he wants to finish his career as a Steeler, Pittsburgh will give Timmons a chance to see what’s out there for him. If he truly wants to come back they’ll give him a respectable enough salary, but he’s a very good player who’s likely to get some very good offers.

    Good luck to him either way. Timmons has been a great Steeler and whatever team he ends up playing for will get a great teammate.

    Go Steelers!

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