Report: Scot McCloughan not involved in any Washington decisions


Not only is Scot McCloughan out of the building, he’s out of the loop.

According to John Keim of, the Washington General Manager is not involved in the team’s pending free agent moves, and seems to be headed out the door.

That seemed kind of obvious, since he wasn’t in the building for the start of the legal tampering period yesterday, and wasn’t at the Scouting Combine. But his agent is talking to team officials today, which suggests that some degree of resolution could be getting nearer.

The team has done a bunch of stuff without him, from tagging quarterback Kirk Cousins to extending coach Jay Gruden to signing tight end Vernon Davis.

And with team president Bruce Allen still in place and apparently willing to negotiate (at least over drinks in Indianapolis), it’s clear that they don’t need McCloughan hanging around.

15 responses to “Report: Scot McCloughan not involved in any Washington decisions

  1. Bruce Allen=Vinny Cerrato V2.0

    Dan Snyder loves these franchise wrecking executives.

  2. Well, that explains how badly the team has botched the offseason so far. To recap, we have two new coordinators (both internal promotions because no one wants to work for Snyder), we’re letting our record-setting, franchise QB leverage us out of a deal, we’re going to lose our top two WRs and the best personnel man in the organization has not assisted with the scouting process and seems to be getting frozen out.

    Any hack reading this could do better than that!

  3. mataug says:
    Mar 8, 2017 2:37 PM

    If it is not his drinking problem, Bruce Allen has wrecked this franchise.


    If the above is true… I honestly don’t know if I can support this organization any longer. Been a die hard REDSKINS fan since I came out the womb in 1976 and it’s been a looooong last 25yrs, dying a very slow and agonizing death.

    The dark cloud is over us until Snyder sells the team 🙁

  4. I think the biggest part of the story that everyone is overlooking is Doug Williams. In 2004 Doug joined Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden in Tampa as a front office/talent evaluator.

  5. Ahh well, he had what, a season and a half to make an impact on the roster? Seems like him and Allen were not on the same page, and Allen has more pull with the owner, so might as well move on to where they will actually listen to you. Scot built incredible rosters for 2 franchises, but the Redskins just didnt seem to go full on board with Scot, so understandably, things must end.

  6. “And with team president Bruce Allen still in place and apparently willing to negotiate (at least over drinks in Indianapolis),”…

    That’s a pretty low comment. I’m personally not addicted, but being addicted to alcohol may be funny to some, but not to everyone.

  7. If it was the brew & bottle that did Scot in (just look at him from pics in 2015 to now), this is no shocker, no tragedy, no irony.

    Just sad inevitability

  8. I’ve been silent in the war against Dan Snyder but if there isn’t a personal issue with McCloughan drinking again, we have to demand, as a fan base, that Snyder move on and leave the Redskins organization alone. This madness has to end.

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