Report: Seahawks have “no immediate interest” in Adrian Peterson

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Running back Adrian Peterson’s father named the Seahawks as one of his son’s preferred destinations, but it doesn’t look like any deal that would land him in Seattle is imminent.

Tom Pelissero of USA Today reports that the Seahawks have “no immediate interest” in signing Peterson while noting that the team has shown in the past that they will reconsider possible signings if a player’s price comes down after extended time on the market.

In comments to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press, Nelson Peterson declined to say if there have been conversations between his son’s agent and the Seahawks. He said the presence of offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in Seattle is a plus because Peterson played for Bevell when Bevell had the same job with the Vikings.

“You look at the connections in Seattle, so there’s definitely interest there,” Nelson Peterson said. “Those are some pretty good years.”

Several other teams, including the Raiders and Giants, have been mentioned by Peterson or others in his camp as desirable landing spots. At this point, however, there hasn’t been much word of reciprocal interest from those teams in making a deal that would set Peterson up for the 2017 season.

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  1. Rumor by the guys father.
    Seattle doesn’t have the line. All their cap space spent in free agent offensive linemen.

    Raiders most likely to grab Peterson, and Murray going to Seattle or New England

  2. It doesn’t seem very newsworthy at this point that a team has no interest. You kind of need at least 1 team reportedly interested to make that a story.

  3. I really hope the Seahawks don’t spend money on this guy. Even though Bevell coached him in Minnesota, but that hasn’t worked out well for the Seahawks with Sidney Rice, and Percy Harvin. I get those are receivers but our O line is pretty bad and we need a young back who is elusive and powerful. Adrian is Powerful still but not that elusive in the backfield

  4. seriously couldnt happen to a better person… See what happens when your touchdown scoring wears off and your still a child beater. This Viking fan has been waiting long time for this. So ready to move on.

  5. This is such a Patriots move. BB will remind him daily about how nobody wanted him.

    Corey Dillon. Randy Moss. Rodney Harrison. Junior Seau.

    By the time they got to Foxboro nobody wanted them either. It’s like the land of misfit toys.

  6. Give this Peterson story a rest for a time. Not much is happening or will happen any time soon it appears.
    This is a shock to him. First time in his life people aren’t fawning all over him. It might take awhile to sink in for him. And then when he readjusts his salary demands things might change.

  7. I’m guessing he’ll be a Raider or…. hmm.

    Seattle’s oline is just as bad, not worse, but close.

  8. I still think he’s going to go back to the Vikings after all is said and done. They are just waiting for the realization to set in regarding what he is actually worth. You can’t tell me he is more valuable to any other team. With how much the Vikings paid him in the past, though, hell, he should play for free.

  9. I have now moved from AP fatigue to AP indifference. Seems like several NFL teams feel the same way.

  10. If he goes back to the Vikings, and that is a big IF it better be for at most 3 million a year. After he realizes that there is not a market for a 32 year old often injured RB I think he will come to his senses. But, then again he has never had much sense.

  11. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Mar 8, 2017 9:47 AM
    I’m scared to death the Vikings are going to cave and bring him back just because no one else will take him.
    I don’t know though. Is it worth it at a certain price? Would you not take him at $2 mil plus incentives? He shares the carry load with a rookie, with McK and possibly Asiata as backs 3 & 4? Now, doubtful he swallows that much pride, but with incentives I feel it might be a can’t lose for super cheap. If he gets injured or is clearly “done”, you cut him. But, if he strikes lightning in a bottle wanting to get a bigger contract next year, he could still be a home run threat.

  12. Why should the Vikings take him back? The Vikings most likely are going to draft a 3 down back that can play in Shurmur’s offense, not a lame one trick pony that should limp away.

  13. Here’s AP’s problem: he’s been waaaaayyy overpaid for years now. He was due to make what? 18 mil this season? How do you make him an offer for what he’s worth (more like 1-2 mil) knowing this? No team wants to be the first one to put an offer on the table that he will find insulting. There might be one or two non-contenders with cap space who are willing to don the clown suit and give him 5-6 mil just to put butts in the seats – but if he want’s to play for a contender, he’s going to have to check his humongous ego and realize that his value isn’t what he thought it was.

  14. They have Procise and Rawls. I would assume they aren’t looking to commit big money to a position that they have decent young talent…

  15. qbarrel says:
    Mar 8, 2017 11:46 AM

    Here’s AP’s problem: he’s been waaaaayyy overpaid for years now. He was due to make what? 18 mil this season? How do you make him an offer for what he’s worth (more like 1-2 mil) knowing this.


    For the Vikings it is easy. We have other needs to fill AD. We need to upgrade the offensive line for one. We have already paid you $97 million dollars. You are now 32. We can do $1-2 million dollars a year.

  16. exinsidetrader says:
    Mar 8, 2017 9:29 AM
    Can’t catch, won’t block, slowed down, terrible and abusive father.

    All reasons not to pay AP millions to be a RB on your team.

    You forgot fumbler as well. I want nothing to do with him. We have enough backs, we need offensive line

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