Romo’s release will be a post-June 1 designation

Getty Images

When the Cowboys release quarterback Tony Romo on Thursday, it will come once the new league year begins, and it will take advantage of the opportunity to release him with a post-June 1 designation.

It’s a device that was adopted in 2006, and it allows teams to apply it to two players per year.

The move allows a team to spread the cap charge from cutting a player over two years. However, it requires the team to carry the player on the books at his pre-June 1 cap number until June 1 arrives.

As to Romo, a total $19.6 million cap hit will be split into $10.7 million this year and $8.9 million in 2018. Until June 1, however, he’ll consume $24.7 million of cap space.

If my math is correct (and it rarely is), the Cowboys will gain $14 million in extra cap space as of June 1.

The adoption of the June 1 device eliminated what used to be one of the late-offseason tent-pole events for the NFL: The second wave of free agency sparked when teams cut players after June 1 and spread the cap charge over two years.