The 49ers have sights set on wideout Pierre Garçon

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At a time when they seem to be trying to swing a trade with Washington for a significantly bigger piece, the 49ers appear to be making a run at a guy who wanted to be traded from there last year.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the 49ers “set their sights” on signing free agent wide receiver Pierre Garçon.

Garçon was frustrated with his role in the system quarterback Kirk Cousins was running last year, but maybe if Kyle Shanahan’s calling the plays things will be different. There have been reports that the franchise-tagged Cousins wants to play for the 49ers, something he could easily influence if he chose to.

The 49ers receiving corps was a mess last year, though they retained Jeremy Kerley. If they added Garçon, they could still justify another expenditure there to breathe life into the passing game.

11 responses to “The 49ers have sights set on wideout Pierre Garçon

  1. If the 49ers get Pierre than I believe Cousins is definitely on his way!

  2. Receivers can fall off a cliff quickly. I’m hoping it’s not any longer than 3 true years; maybe a 4th with nothing guaranteed. 4 years, 32m total, 20 guaranteed, salaries being 11m/7m/7m/7m. Frontloaded because we have so much cap space right now and this way later in the contract we will have him for bargain amounts.

  3. Pierre has been great with the Redskins. Tough as nails. Would be a great signing. Now don’t hesitate with trading for Kirk Cousins. Make the trade before other teams get involved. Don’t play games with this and loose him to the Bears, Jets, Browns or even the Rams. 2017 and 2018 first round picks can get it done now. Niners can implement the Shanahan zone running scheme and the offense can hit the ground running starting next week. Wait and not only chance loosing Cousins, but the price is going to go up with other teams getting involved.

  4. This is his last big payday. Pay him. He will play his guts out, leave it all on the field. That whats SF would get for their money. Hes gonna play awhile, like Boldin and S. Smith. His acrobatic catches, in traffic make a QB look good. Balls thrown behind him, sure interceptions, he comes down with most of the time.
    He is very familiar with Cuz if SF gets that QB. You ought to be happy if he gets signed.

  5. the redskins are going to get nothing for cousins, when they could have locked him up for a reasonable price, which he deserved;

    if they had wanted to motivate him they could have included incentives.

    and they are lucky to have even him thanks to mike shannahan having the foresight to take him in the same draft as rg3.

    and now kirk has stated that he will only sign an extension with the 49ers;

    imho, this is why the gm has been sent away.

  6. Garcon is a football player you want on your team. Tough as nails and will fight anybody to win for his team.

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