What will Martellus Bennett do? Only he knows

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With tight ends getting paid — and one who got paid a year ago getting traded to New England — what will free-agent Martellus Bennett do? At this point no one knows.

As one source with knowledge of Bennett’s plans put it, “Marty goes to his own beat.” And that’s precisely what he will be doing, finding a new team and agreeing to a new deal on his own terms.

Chances are the financial terms will be favorable, given the deals already struck by tight ends like Jack Doyle and Vernon Davis. Bennett has shown he can perform at a high level, and he brings with him a newly-minted Super Bowl ring, which can be used to help motivate a new locker-room full of teammates.

19 responses to “What will Martellus Bennett do? Only he knows

  1. I know what he’ll do. He’ll sign a big contract with some team buying his production with the Pats and they’ll find out quickly how they wasted their money.
    If I were him, I’d sign with the Giants, again. They desperately need a pass catching TE and he’d have a good QB and good WR’s around him. All of which he needs, by the way, to be any good.

  2. Sign a big contract, lose football games, become disgruntled with football while creating mediocre art, retire, fail at second career due to said mediocrity, re-retire with the millions he made -in that order.

  3. His comments about how teams “overpay” for players that won the Super Bowl could come back to bite him

  4. He’ll sign somewhere for more money than he’s worth because his effort has never matched his talent. But hey, he’s had a decent career and now he’s a super bowl champ, so everything is just gravy from here on out.

  5. He should get what he can, probably his last contract. As a Pats fan I appreciate his contribution and his toughness through last season. Anyone who thinks he should take a discount, remember these guys aren’t fans and have a short window to cash in. Good for Marty, I hope he gets paid

  6. The question isn’t ‘What will he do?’ But rather, where he’s going to do it. We all know he is going to make bank, it’s just a matter of with what team, for how much and for how long.

  7. I hope he gets a good contract.

    The Pats needed every last ounce of performance from every single player on the roster.

    A backup TE with less talent might well have cost them the Superbowl.

    Thanks and good luck.

  8. He’ll sign somewhere for more money than he’s worth because his effort has never matched his talent.

    What are you talking about? Clearly you have no clue. Bennett played through multiple injuries that would have put you on disability for 2 yrs. He was outstanding in the locker room and on the field for the Patriots last yr. Both blocking and receiving. And with the media. They don’t want to pay him more than Gronk’s below market deal. That’s what it’s all about. Any team that signs him will be glad.

  9. I bet the Pats were glad they had him , especially after Gronk went down for the count.

  10. He will be lucky to get signed, Just in for the money he said. To me that would say he will not put his body in harms way.
    He will have to take less with insensitives.

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