49ers announce seven new free agents

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John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan aren’t messing around.

After signing a pair of new players before free agency began, which surpassed their entire 2016 free-agency spending, the 49ers have announced seven new free agents, roughly three hours into the free-agency period.

The new members of the team are receiver Pierre Garςon, receiver Marquise Goodwin, quarterback Brian Hoyer, fullback Kyle Juszczyk, tight end Logan Paulsen, linebacker Malcolm Smith, and kicker Robbie Gould.

While those signings won’t instantly make a 2-14 team a contender, it’s a major step in the right direction for a franchise that has quickly lost its way. And it’s probably only the first step for a team that hopes to return to the days when they made it to the playoffs nearly every year, and eventually snared five Super Bowl championships in 14 seasons.

13 responses to “49ers announce seven new free agents

  1. Juice!

    Getting him going under Shanahan’s liberal offensive schemes will have a positive impact. H-Back for sure. Expect to see him in half the offensive plays.

    We’ll miss him in Baltimore, but SF had mad $$$ to throw at him.

  2. If Lynch can make it through the draft without drafting 3 or 4 guys without torn ACL’s I’ll be the first to say that we have officially turned a corner and brighter days are ahead.

  3. Free agent spending sprees rarely end up worth the money spent vs wins. Especially on a the grease fire that is the 49er franchise. Bad news is when the only team looking up at you is Cleveland, and they think you are screwed up, well it can still get worse.

  4. Lynch and Shanahan have a plan. Add depth to a Baalke depleted roster. Now if they can nail down some defensive and offensive line guys in the draft. Wait till next year to draft a quarterback. But, I’d still take a flyer on Pat Mahomes or Nate Peterman in this draft in the 2nd or 4th round.

  5. “Free agent spending sprees…”

    How much do you think all these free agents cost? It’s true that a lot of really high priced free agents tend to be high risk, but literally every team, from the Pats to the Browns needs to do these sort of signings to fill out the roster. This is hardly indicative of the Niners future success or lack thereof.

  6. Hoyer went 1-4 last season and averaged 16 points per game with the Bears. Gabbert went 1-4 and averaged 22 points per game with the 49ers. But at least Brian is older, smaller, less athletic and doesn’t have hair.

  7. You can’t completely restock a team with one draft. Players have to come from somewhere… I like the direction the team is going. It’s an ongoing project.

  8. Gomer Pyle Shanahan, who stepped into a hereditary position as an NFL coach, was an OC for 9 years, and those teams’ offense on average were in the bottom half of the league, despite a career year from Matt Ryan in 2016. So if he brings along a few of the hacks who were part of those less than average offenses everything should turn up roses.

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