49ers keep working the fringes, signing tight end Logan Paulsen

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Now that the 49ers spent a pile of money on a fullback, it only makes sense that they’d move onto a blocking tight end.

According to Fallon Smith of CSNBayArea.com, the 49ers plan to sign former Bears tight end Logan Paulsen.

A 30-year-old who caught three passes last year, Paulsen’s another known commodity for new coach Kyle Shanahan, having played in his offense in Washington.

While names like Paulsen and Kyle Juszczyk won’t make huge headlines, the 49ers are so bereft of talent, that bringing in solid players for specific roles is a good place to start.

14 responses to “49ers keep working the fringes, signing tight end Logan Paulsen

  1. The Eagles did this a few years ago when Chip came on board: Barwin, Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, and a boat load of other “fringe FAs.”

    It seems like a smart approach because it doesn’t break the bank and it makes the team better in the short term.

    But it’s a castle made of sand.

  2. Cooley is a turd for making his comment. I hope he stays in Washington as long as Snyder owns the team.

  3. Just need Kirk Cousins and you got yourself the 2013 Washington Redskins! Remember when Kirk Cousins had no offensive line and was throwing INTs at a historic rate? God that’ll be fun to watch again 😀

  4. This guy might end up playing a lot more than just on rushing downs.
    It’s a mortal lock that McDonald and Celek will get hurt at some point. Happens every year.
    It’s also a good draft for TEs. They could draft a good one in the middle rounds. U can always find a TE who’s tougher than McDonald.
    All of this activity is a further indictment of Baalke. He had a ton of cap space last year and did next to nothing with it in FA when he had a roster everyone knew was crying out for more talent.
    He and Chip thought they could win with Gabbert.
    That’s how U end up 2-14.

  5. Can’t wait ’til they land RG3…looks like Shanny’s trying to recreate the stunning success he had in DC…

  6. This is what you call “grinding”. Not pretty, wont get the headlines but will get results. Keep grinding to the top!

  7. Redskins West. And Kirk Cousins is a turnover machine without a top-notch O-line and A+ receivers & TEs.

  8. Watching my 9ers last year have no depth was just painful. But, this team talent wise is already better. Malcolm Smith with Bowman, Armstrong makes a good linebacking group. Buckner another year. Maybe Aaron Lynch doesn’t get suspended. The defense will for sure be better than last year.

  9. Kyle’s season win totals in Washington the 4 years he was the OC there. 6-5-10-3. Yeah signing old Redskins seems like a great idea.

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