Agent: Scot McCloughan “very healthy,” alcohol not an issue

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As an awkward, ugly situation persists in Washington between the organization and G.M. Scot McCloughan, on-the-record (or off-the-record) details are hard to come by. Thursday’s PFT Live included several from McCloughan’s agent.

Peter Schaffer joined the show, primarily to discuss one of his other clients — Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. The conversation then turned to McCloughan. And Schaffer, while somewhat guarded given the sensitivities of the situation, made a couple of factual assertions.

First, he said that McCloughan is “very healthy,” “is in contact with the team,” and “doing stuff to help the team move forward.” Second, Schaffer said that the absence is not related to alcohol. Obviously, speculation that a recurrence of past issues with alcohol has been rampant, fueled in part by on-the-air speculation from Washington employee Chris Cooley as to whether McCloughan is “drinking again.”

Schaffer also said that there have been no discussions to this point about what will happen going forward, which caused him to refute the notion (as reported by the Washington Post) that a parting of the ways is “inevitable.”

Ultimately, Schaffer painted a far different picture than the one emanating from the various reports that have emerged in recent days.

22 responses to “Agent: Scot McCloughan “very healthy,” alcohol not an issue

  1. Washington has some front office. Yikes. Issues abound from the owner to the GM. McLoughan is definitely drinking again if he signs Cutler.

  2. Cooley is a turd for making his comment. I hope Cooley stays in Washington for as long as Snyder is the owner.

  3. To reiterate, Cooley is not employed by the Washington Redskins. He is employed by a radio station that is owned by Dan Snyder, who also owns the Redskins. Also, in the wake of the events surrounding the team the past several weeks, one can only conclude that both of these gentlemen (Snyder and Cooley) are complete and utter morons.

  4. This just gets more and more weird. On the field the Browns seem to be the worst run franchise in the NFL but behind the scenes, the Redskins are fighting hard for the crown.

  5. Not believing this for a second. If the man has a problem than he should seek help (being around an organization like the redskins will only exacerbate his situation), and not have his agent read what amounts to a sick note to explain your absence from school–when it is plainly obvious that the direction of the team has taken a drastic turn in recent weeks.

  6. So there is a glimmer of hope that everything the past few days has just been a nightmare?

  7. The truth is, Snyder hates that he’s getting credit for moving the team in the right direction.

    Snyder would rather be the central figure on a losing team than a marginal figure one a winning one.

  8. I’d drink a lot if I worked for Dan Snyder. Hard to fault him for that.

  9. Most of you know nothing about Snyder. It’s sad. No matter what the truth is, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. It all comes back to not liking an owner who signed a few free agents, as if it were your money spent. Plenty of teams have had free agents not work out. You upset at Snyder for firing Zorn? Zorn should have been fired. Upset at Snyder for signing Haynesworth? Haynesworth actually played well until Shanahan changed to a 3-4 defense. Haynesworth wanted out then and got it. Maybe blame Shanahan. Upset at Snyder for what else? Hiring Joe Gibbs, who made 2 playoff appearances in his 4 yrs? It’s all based on the D.C. media dislike of him because he fired some secretaries in 1999 that brought them donuts in the past. Petty.

  10. I have lost respect for Cooley. He is a hack and a tool of The Egomidget.

    The GM issue was forced on Snyder in an “ultimatum” letter by hardcore fans from Extremeskins. His ego is now nagging him to make everything his decision. You know, because his Redskins belt buckle tells him to.


  11. If this is true, then it has to be an administrative personnel issue ongoing (not an on-field personnel issue). Unless it isn’t.

  12. It was a power-play by Allen, who can’t stand someone else successfully improving the team.

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