Calais Campbell and wife deciding between Broncos, Jaguars

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Calais Campbell has a dilemma. Does he take more money to join the Jaguars or less money to return home to Colorado and play for the Broncos?

Mike Klis of reports that Campbell and his wife currently are deciding between the two teams. The soon-to-be-former Cardinals, who arrived via round two of the 2008 drafted, reportedly had an agreement in principle with the Jaguars. Recently, however, the Broncos emerged as a candidate on Wednesday night, and Campbell now has to decide where he wants to play.

It’s hard not to wonder whether Campbell also is considering the possibility of playing with Tony Romo in Denver vs. Blake Bortles in Jacksonville. While it’s still not clear whether Romo will become a Bronco, Campbell and Romo are represented by the same firm, which could give Campbell access to inside information about what Romo plans to do.

33 responses to “Calais Campbell and wife deciding between Broncos, Jaguars

  1. Wait, has his wife ever suited up and had to battle against 330-lb offensive lineman? Why does she get a say?

    Calais Campbell = Cuck.

  2. So he has the choice between going to Jacksonville and winning two or three games every year or go to Denver and be in the playoff hunt every year. Any less money he’d take by going to Denver could probably be made up with playoff money and endorsements. The defense is Jax would definitely be better but when Bortles is your QB you will be on the field all the time because the offense either goes three and out or Bortles throws an INT.

  3. Denver is looking like a non playoff team to me. They are going to miss Kubiak’s play calling, and Wade Phillips defensive mind. And no way Romo stays healthy for even 6 games with that terrible offensive line. Plus the AFC west is a tough division with a very good KC team, and an upcoming Raider team.

    Jacksonville is a QB away from being a very good team, and if Bortles isn’t the answer I see no reason why they can’t get a guy like Jimmy G as a free agent next year.

    The choice has to be Jax

  4. If he wants 1mil more and no chance of the playoffs then he takes the money and goes to Jax with a QB who is more concerned with the off-field life style the the onfield playing. If he wants a little less then he comes home to Denver where he will be on a already incredible defense with a chance to win it all. Almost everyone who has left another team to come to Denver has made it their home after football. No one stays in Jacksonville on purpose they get stuck there

  5. Go to Jacksonville, and you will never be forgotten like the other string of free-agent stars who went there! Wait, what were their names again?

  6. Cambpell is a phenomenal player. Simply impossible to block with one person on a consistent basis. It’s surprising that more teams aren’t in the bidding.

  7. if this is legit and i am the broncos i wouldn’t want him. How could you possibly have a hard time picking between these two teams lol. All about the money if this is the case

  8. Neither team is a contender, so he’s basically asking the wife if she wants beach or mountain.

  9. Hmmm. Live in Jacksonville or Denver? Play for a perennial loser or winner? Wear an ugly uniform or predominantly orange?

    Pretty easy choice to me.

  10. Calais and his wife might be “high” on Denver, but let’s consider Jacksonville’s salient points:

    1. More H20. Whole lot of beaches.

    2. More O2. No worry of chronic hypoxia at 1 foot above sea level.

    3. $3,009,500. Are you sure you want to pay the State of Colorado 4.63% on your new $65M contract? Wouldn’t Mrs. Campbell rather enjoy a new 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-class Cabriolet, 12-carat diamond ring and an ocean-side condo?

    Plus, the fans will LOVE you if you put the “roar” back in the Jaguars. You’ll be expected to win a Super Bowl with a fading team in Denver. That’s a high bar to jump over with so little air. Good luck whereever you go.

  11. Not sure why you assume Calais is much say in the decision. Mrs Campbell is making the call

  12. Hometown team vs No State income tax. He left home to got to UM so ‘home’ may mean different things to him.

    His wife has a Masters Degree in Engineering from the U. of Florida. I’d ask her too.

    He’s used to altitude and hot weather so those are choices he understands. Back to the wife…

  13. Funny how many of you guys are down on the wife having a say. In just about any other profession it would be common knowledge that the family would play a big role in any kind of out of town job search, but we just assume he should go where he wants and drag his wife along with him? Of course she has a say. Happy wife = happy life.

  14. Let’s see … in no particular order:

    1. Warm weather is more important the older you get
    2. No state income tax
    3. Easier division to win

    Of course, if Romo signs with Denver I’d go there.

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