Contract details may reveal plenty of fluff in contract reporting

It’s a tradition unlike any other.

Agents leak contract details to one or more of increasingly competitive hoard of football reporters, they push the numbers to Twitter without scrutiny or question, and most readers accept them as true and correct.

And then the actual truth comes out. It will receive much less attention, with hardly ever a mention that the initial report prompted a My Cousin Vinny-style reaction.

Already, the real contracts from 2017 are trickling in to PFT. We’ll start posting them, one at a time.

Already, there are contracts about which we’re skeptical. From Russell Okung’s latest multi-year deal to that one-year, $14 million contract that Alshon Jeffery signed with the Eagles. We’ve got a feeling at least one of those contracts carries plenty of fluff, and we’ll eventually pull the sheet back on the bull.