Could Browns still sign Terrelle Pryor?

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With receiver Kenny Britt signing a four-year deal worth more than $8 million per year in Cleveland, the knee-jerk reaction is to assume that Britt took the money that would have gone to receiver Terrelle Pryor. Which would seem to close the door on the Browns keeping Pryor.

That’s not necessarily the case, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

While it makes it less likely, given the presence of 2016 first-rounder Corey Coleman and the investment in Britt, that Pryor will get huge money, the cap-rich Browns could pull it off — if they’re willing to make the investment in a trio of receivers.

Pryor racked up more than 1,000 yards receiving in 2016, his first full season at the position. The most pressing questions are: (1) where is his ceiling; and (2) will getting financial security change him?

7 responses to “Could Browns still sign Terrelle Pryor?

  1. Tretter, rumors of Zietler, extension for Bitonio…OL woes significantly improved.

    Britt, maybe Pryor, a healthy Coleman, bringing back Crowell…skill positions improved.

    Re-sign Collins, draft Garrett, and a couple DBs and the defense is improved potentially significantly.

    I like where this is going, for a change.

  2. Hopefully we have the best offer to Pryor, I want him back. I still have my fingers crossed for Zietler and I’m looking for use to sign Cyprien or McDonald in the SS position. Jefferson used our bountiful cap space to get a good deal from Baltimore. Hopefully we do not continue to fall for that BS. Keep that agent in mind when dealing with his clients. Go Browns!!

  3. I hate to be optimistic…. these are my Browns…… but I like Britt, I like Coleman, I like the odds of still signing Pryor, The OL is coming together , Garrett will be a beast taking double teams allowing Danny and Ogbah to be free…. and a good pass rush makes you DB’s better…… Now if they can only set the edge on “D”

  4. Kind of funny no one is beating down his door like I pointed out yesterday that his stats were due to Jackson scheming toward him as much as anything he did. You love the hws mismatch, but that doesn’t mean you overpay for it either.

  5. Terrelle needs to take control of his career and stop letting The Rosenhaus turds try to brainwash him that he’s worth proven elite WR. money in the $12 to 1$15 mil. per year range. The $8 or $9 mill the browns offered is very fair given he has only played one full year at WR. and put up good numbers yet many in trash time at ends of games. The Greed may end up costing him in the long run as the browns may pull their offer off the table , and he may end up getting offers in the $6 mill a year range once the interest level drops off more as we get closer to the draft. Terrelle posted on twitter that “It’s in God’s hands” and I’m willing to bet God has bigger things to be concerned with than whether Terrelle gets $9 or $15 million per year to catch footballs. Take the browns offer since they were the only ones who took a chance on you. A receiving corps. of Britt, Coleman, Pryor, and possibly J. Gordon would be scary to opposing defenses. Make it happen T.P.

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