Could someone swipe DeSean Jackson from Tampa?

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It wasn’t quite reported with kiss-of-death 95-percent certainty, but the notion that receiver DeSean Jackson is merely “expected” to sign with the Buccaneers makes me wonder whether the leak was the equivalent of the auctioneer calling out “going once . . . going twice.”

I believe — I don’t know but I believe — that an opportunity exists for another team to pilfer Jackson from the Buccaneers. Remember, none of these deals are done until they are done. This means that Jackson could choose another team, even if he has agreed to terms with the Bucs.

Indeed, it’s entirely possible he hasn’t even agreed to terms. All that needs to happen is for the agent to leak “Jackson is expected to sign with the Buccaneers,” and the hook is baited. If a better offer doesn’t come, he agrees to terms in Tampa. If it does come, Jackson considers taking it.

It would need to be a lot better, given the absence of state income tax in Florida. However, one source with knowledge of the situation recently told PFT that Jackson’s camp doesn’t view Jameis Winston as a franchise quarterback, yet. There are other guys whom they would regard as better passers for now; one of those teams could have an edge.

Also, the habit of the Buccaneers to not provide signing bonuses could help another team secure Jackson by putting a large bag of cash with a dollar sign on it on the table today.

I’m not saying he definitely won’t be a Buc. I’m saying that the reports of his expected signing with Tampa necessarily send a message to anyone else who otherwise may be waiting and waiting that the clock is ticking and the door is open.

7 responses to “Could someone swipe DeSean Jackson from Tampa?

  1. I would much rather try and draft Ross or another speedster than overpay for a FA. Bucs track record of FAs under Jason Licht is beyond abysmal.

  2. Just because the Bucs aren’t in the habit of giving out signing bonuses doesn’t mean they don’t give out big guaranteed money. They dont hand out signing bonuses, but they do hand out pretty hefty roster bonuses. They typically guarantee at signing the whole first year and a big chunk (if not all of) the second year. Tampa can match just about any financial terms with upwards of $60 mil in cap space. The big questions are as you alluded to: does Jackson view Winston as a franchise QB? Will he take an offer from a team he thinks has a better chance to compete?

  3. Doesn’t view Winston as a top-tier QB? Maybe, but Garcon signed with San Francisco with NO quarterback. Money talks and BS walks.

  4. You only have so many draft picks. You can’t draft every need the team has. You can hope for 2 starters from the draft, the rest is a crap shoot. With 60 mil in cap space you can buy a guy like Jackson for a few years until you do have the chance to draft the guy for the future. If ross is gone by the bucs draft, then what? Then you have no jackson, no ross, no speed wr. Then what? Hope the next fastest guy is there when your pick is up? Nonsense. Take tha sure thing now and draft whoever is the best player player available.

  5. So brent grimes was abysmal? Robert Ayers is Abysmal? The first year of free agents that licht signed was not good, i’ll give you that. That year was abysmal. But lately he has done a much better job. Last years Free agents all worked out great, except sweezy. But if sweezy can come back from the back injury and play this year then it might end up as a good deal.

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