DeSean Jackson to Tampa Bay on a three-year deal

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Jameis Winston now has a deep threat.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Buccaneers have signed Washington wide receiver DeSean Jackson to a three-year, $35 million deal which includes $20 million guaranteed.

It’s a big contract for the 30-year-old Jackson, but it also gives the Bucs a chance to match offensive firepower with the Falcons in the NFC South.

Winston already had Mike Evans, but a deep threat on the opposite side should create opportunities for their offense.

19 responses to “DeSean Jackson to Tampa Bay on a three-year deal

  1. Winston wont over target Evans next season with this addition. Its an actual #2 WR for Winston. When healthy is a huge difference maker, could propel the Bucs into the postseason.

  2. If he can stay healthy he is worth it to stretch the defense; a lot of people hate on D-Jacks but for a 5 foot 10 170 pound receiver that you have to account for on every play I didn’t mind him lining up for the Redskins. But is 30 the new 28?

  3. some players shoot for a contender team some are in it for the money… Looks like Jackson is about the money….

    GREAT payday for him…

  4. Good deal for Tampa too. This is pretty much a 2-year deal that’s up by the time they have to extend Evans and before they have to do Winston’s deal. They should have been more in the mix for a guard like Zeithler though is the only complaint I would have if I was a fan of that team.

  5. Why do people say “if he can stay healthy”? You can say that about every player in the NFL! He played 15 games last year, 9 the year before, 15, and then 16. No real injury history in Philly either. So other than 7 games for injury in 2015, he is a pretty healthy guy…

    Anyway, he is a legit #2 opposite a budding star in ME13. Good signing!

  6. I like it’s only a three-year deal, so if he starts to decline, there isn’t a long-term cap impact.

    Huge addition, though; Mike Evans just overpowers everyone on those short and medium-range balls, but doesn’t have the speed to stretch the defense. DSJ can open up things and be a legitimate threat on every play.

  7. Bucs signed Joey Galloway when he was 33 and he had 3 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons.

    Smaller speed WRs age well. Djax’s highest speed recorded in 2016 was better than what he clocked in 2015.

    So yes; 30 is the new 28 at least in regards to Djax

  8. Peple talking about this is too rich. Only Jerry Rice has more 60+ yard TD plays in the history of football. The history of football, which includes Randy Moss and a lot of excellent deep threats in the past. If you don’t think that’s worth it, what is? It’s not like they paid him $50 mil over 4 years or something. He’s essentially replacing a washed up Vincent Jackson who was redundant with what Evans does at a younger and cheaper price point with someone of a totally different skill set. Also, for people worrying about Winston’s deep ball, Jackon”s been playing with Cousins the last 2 years. Have you been watching how many times he missed him, and he still hit 20 yards a catch just about each year.

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