Jaguars sign cornerback A.J. Bouye for five years, $67.5 million

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A.J. Bouye stayed in the division, and got very rich.

Via Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Texans cornerback is going to Jacksonville for a five-year, $67.5 million contract.

The deal includes $26 million guaranteed.

He joins newcomer Calais Campbell, as they continue to put talented young defensive parts together. The 25-year-old Bouye had plenty of suitors, and was able to turn it into a quick deal.


32 responses to “Jaguars sign cornerback A.J. Bouye for five years, $67.5 million

  1. 2017 #Jaguars D
    DE: Campbell
    DT: Jackson
    DT: Jones
    DE: Ngakoue
    OLB: Smith
    MLB: Jack
    OLB: Poz
    CB: Ramsey
    CB: Bouye
    FS: Gipson
    SS: Church
    That’s a nice lineup. Maybe get rid of Poz.

  2. Iam sorry does this say Sixxxxxty Sevennnnnnn Millionnnnnnnnn that’s like ,,,that’s like ,,,,,,, that’s like 50 thousand a year ,, like a million times in 5 years I can’t count that high

  3. Seems like EVERYONE goes to the jags to get paid. Maybe they can actually start winning soon and eliminate the tarps….

  4. jags making moves…this is a good signing if he plays the way he played last year…but that’s the rub

  5. This team has more young talent than I can recall a team having. With the right coaching staff they could be a darkhorse.

  6. Decent young player, who had a good run of games at the right team. Texans get Kevin Johnson back from injury, so didn’t need to spend the money on him. Let’s now see if AJ can do it over the long haul.

  7. This entire thing is insane

    Let’s make sure we build the NFL some new stadiums!

  8. Congrats Jags – you have officially replaced the Washington Redskins as the team who will win the offseason free agent playoffs every year and then go nowhere when it counts.

  9. holy guacamole!

    He’s OK good, but was 3rd, maybe 4th, in Texans rotation.
    Oh well, enjoy it AJ, you earned it.

  10. YEAH, BAH BAH BOUYE!!!!! Nice move Jaguars! Guy was a stud last yr. I like the way he plays and what he brings. Plus along with Cambell and Church in part w last yrs rookie class on D and last yrs FAs. Very solid on paper yes, BUT now they gotta go do it on Sundays. No excuses on DEF side of ball anymore. Plenty of talent there now. Go get it done on field Jags and we’ll have something to be proud of again in Jville. Of course hinges mightily on Blake Bortles figuring it out and using draft for O line and still need RB help due to question marks on both current RBs. So far though, encouraged

  11. Bortles has thrown more touchdowns than most QBs he has had an immature gun slinger decision making thing going on trying to force plays. You people are just follow stereotypical media talk. Bortles had a great year in 2015. 2016 was a drop off but players have bad years regardless our offense has shown potential. TC is a winner who will get things together as an organizational leader. Bortles no doubt has to return to 2015 form and better but let’s not jump the gun this is a young team adding strong pieces….still plenty of teams with worse losing stretches as far as playoffs go and everything.

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