Jay Cutler says goodbye to Bears fans, after eight years

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Eight years ago — yes, eight years — Broncos coach Josh McDaniels traded quarterback Jay Cutler to the Bears. Now, after Cutler became the most accomplished passer in franchise history, the Bears have moved on.

“I would like to thank the city of Chicago and its passionate fans for a memorable eight years,” Cutler said in a statement posted on social media, via Jeff Darlington of ESPN.com. “I grew up in Indiana rooting for the Bears as a kid, so it was an honor to wear the Bears uniform and play quarterback at Soldier Field for my favorite childhood team.”

In the statement, Cutler thanked the McCaskey family, the three General Managers that served during his tenure, his teammates, and all Bears employees. Curiously, Cutler never mentioned specifically any of his three head coaches: Lovie Smith, Marc Trestman, or John Fox.

“Our family will leave Chicago with great memories and relationships on and off the field,” Cutler said. “We look forward to the next chapter in our lives and wish the best to Bears fans everywhere.”

That next chapter will be determined, maybe sooner or maybe later.

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  1. One thing you can never question about Jay, is his class! Dude always took the high road, whenever getting called out. Keeps it classy even though some fans loathed his presence. Good luck Jay!

  2. Sorry to see him go, I think people are quick to forget the number of qb’s the bears had in the eight years prior to Cuttler. Tough guy with a rocket arm, just never seemed to be a team leader. Thanks for your time in Chicago, and good luck in the future.

  3. I would like to say thank you to the Bears for taking Mike Glennon out of Tampa so we can get a backup that might actually become trade bait.

    Sorry to break it to you, but you way overpaid for Glennon.

  4. No reason for him to thanks the Coaches…they had more to do with the Losses than he did.

    And Lovie hanging him out to dry in the Championship game against GB when he was injured…what a pos.

  5. patfic5 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 6:43 PM

    Unless he goes to Detroit, at least he will be able to raise his fam in a safer place.


    Cutler is better than Stafford.

  6. he certainly shouldn’t feel obligated to thank any of the head coaches, with the clown car parade of OC’s they dumped on him.

    Thus, the era of The Lllama begins. Big thrower, the Llama. Long.

    (See what I did there … because Glennon looks like a llama…)

    Unless you want me to go with a Napo Dynamite riff. LMK.

  7. The grass is always greener, since 1987 the packers have only had 3 main starting qb’s. In that same amount of time the bears have started 36 different qb’s. Cutler was not perfect, but I feel like he was scapegoated as being the problem.

  8. Of all the problems with this football team. Quarterback was the least of them. When he first got here, they had no line, they couldn’t protect him, they saddled him with unqualified OC after OC, until Mike Martz, who called plays for personnel the Bears didn’t have and Jay knew it. I was at the game when the Bears were playing well against the Vikings, moving the ball, Hester was on fire, and before half they’re not in a rush, but Jay was…I bought the seats from a family friend, 3rd row 35 yard line behind the Bears bench, and everyone was wondering loudly wtf they were doing not hurrying trying to get some points before half. You could tell Cutler wanted to hurry, but the playcaller/coach(es) in his helmet were not. So he hurried the offense himself…and yelled to whomever it was talking to him “Tell Mike to go F#*% himself!” The point of that story was Jay wanted to win, he did compete, he never gave in even when it would have been easy to do so, and blame the line–he never tossed anyone under the bus–even after they drove the bus over him. I was also there in one of his first home games as a Bear, and he scrambled and sacrificed his body a la Elway in the superbowl to score the touchdown against Detroit, he sold out and launched himself into the air to score, getting popped hard for his effort. And when they went to commercial break, after the XP, they put Jay on the jumboton…and the stadium roared for 20 seconds…we finally had a guy that wanted it, was the sentiment being said around us. He was smarter than his OC’s, except maybe Martz, but Jay was smarter in the fact that he knew they didn’t have the personnel to run Martz’s system with 7 step drops–so he could get killed in the 4th step with no protection. So some people’s assessment of leaderships skills must stop at only what is said in the press, or how someone’s face looks, or body language. Remember when he gave J’marcus Webb the shoulder bump to get some sort of fire out him?? Everyone jumped on Cutler…but I have seen Manning, Brady, and others, demonstratively berate their teammates on the sideline…but that’s ok, they’re being leaders. My greater point is, there was always a narrative for Cutler that wasn’t 100% accurate. If something bad happened in a game, they’d zoom in Jay, even if it wasn’t the offense on the field. Meatball fans cannot get past the childish thoughts about football. He may not have been a great vocal leader, or the rah rah guy, but he let his play, his toughness lead–make no mistake if you are out of town stupid–Cutler is tough as hell, he took a beating here, they protected him maybe 2 out of the 8 years he was here. Yes Jay could have been a better player, everyone one of them could during his time here–except maybe Urlacher and Briggs–two linebackers together I have never seen more consistent play out of year after year. He made head scratching throws for picks. He also made ridiculous throws look easy too. They never tried to build a team around him. Ever. They traded away Greg Olsen. Drafted injured offensive linemen–more than once, they drafter 35 safeties in the 3rd round that never panned out. This team has been rolling downhill for years now, and it was NOT Cutler’s fault. Last time I checked Jay didn’t run the draft room. It’s probably his fault he is gone, his personality traits don’t win over simple fans who judge expressions, and body language. I fall in the camp of, I don’t need to like you, I don’t even know you, you play for the team I have grown up rooting for, just compete, play hard, and play to win. So I guess we will find out if Mike Glennon’s expressions and body language are acceptable here, and I hope he hangs on to the ball with his ultra limited mobility, because the same line that couldn’t protect Jay, is now protecting him…I hope I am wrong about Glennon…because yesterday the Bears got worse at QB—by choosing to cut an affordable legit starting NFL QB, for a now overpaid back up. UFA’s don’t want to sign here…you think that’s because of Jay?? Nope, the team is built bad, the GM is young, the coach is old, and both may not be long for this town, so players are saying nah, I don’t the need the potential upheaval in a year or two. This team, and town is about to findout what exactly their plan is, because the plan should be to get better at every position. They paid to get worse at the most important position on the team. A guy who could overcome the poor excuse for an OC they have. Glennon is going to have to listen this guy…Ownership is about to find out what the fans think of this, just like they found out when everyone decided to do other things on Sundays at noon the second half o f the season, leaving the stadium half empty while they announce a “paying crowd of 60k” People would rather eat the money they spent, then go out there and watch that steaming pile of a team. That is not going to change any time soon it seems.

  9. So, Jay Cutler is finally cut by Bears after 8 years.

    I had high hopes for Cutler in his first 2 yrs with Chicago after being traded by Denver. As a huge fan of the dominant Mike Ditka “Monsters of the Midway” Bears of the eighties, I had hopes Cutler could return Chicago to greatness.

    In 2010 Chicago had their best year with Cutler — aided by Julius Peppers on defense — and went 11-5. They made the playoffs but lost to GB in NFC championship game. They haven’t made the playoffs since.

    What a disappointment. Besides getting worse every year like a Mark Sanchez, he never stepped up as the team’s leader. Can’t believe the Bears didn’t get rid of him 4 years ago.

    I can’t imagine any team would touch Cutler now. But, it seems there are always desperate teams like the Jets who will jump on yet another looser.

  10. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Mar 9, 2017 11:28 PM
    I can’t believe Jay Cutler only has one playoff win in his entire career
    Interesting. I believe that is exactly the same number of playoff wins the Vikings have had during the same time span.

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