Kevin Zeitler cashes in, headed to Cleveland in line overhaul


Whoever ends up playing for the Browns should at least be well protected.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, big-ticket Bengals guard Kevin Zeitler is headed to the Browns.

The contract is for five years and $60 million, and includes $31.5 million in guarantees.

They’ve already dropped a huge extension on guard Joel Bitonio and signed Packers center J.C. Tretter today. Coupled with left tackle Joe Thomas, it stands to be a comfortable pocket for whomever ends up in it.

While spending piles of money on guards can be dubious, the Browns have it, and appear serious about providing a stable foundation.

It also significantly weakens a division rival, as the Bengals have also lost left tackle Andrew Whitworth today.

54 responses to “Kevin Zeitler cashes in, headed to Cleveland in line overhaul

  1. Their advanced statistics department must figure good guard play must equal to doubling their win totals and that means another win to go to 2-14.

  2. Like I said to the people last year who killed the Giants for spending like drunken sailors: If you have it spend it. The Giants went from bums to 11-5 with a top 5 defense.

  3. A lot of people may disagree, but the moves the Browns have made to this point actually make sense to me. Do you think the Cowboys offense would have been near as good as it was last year without a stellar O-line?

    These moves won’t get them there – they’re only a few pieces to a much larger puzzle – but they’re moves in the right direction.

  4. 12 per for a guard is a lot of money. Zeitler is good, but wow, that is a big number

  5. As a Bengals fan – all I can say is ugh – It’s going to be a long year. Within 2 years of having one of the better O-lines in football – we have now lost 3/5 of our starting line, including the 2 best parts in Zeitler and Whitworth.

  6. Great move to upgrade the OL. A definite need…. no one playing QB had a chance last year once Bitonio went down. Can concentrate on defense in the draft.

  7. I’ve taken a lot of ribbing for saying the Browns are in a unique position to get well in a hurry with an unheard of amount of cap space and draft capital. The big question is whether that front office can be trusted to do it, so far they are making good decisions.

  8. Great signing. I think Kein Zeitler was one of the most underrated FAs this year. That will be a great line for whomever is at QB. Nice job, Kein!

  9. I guess the Analytics told them that spending huge amount of money in free agency gets them the championship they want. When will this team learn? Spending huge amount of money on free agents will never get you what you want. You are over-paying for players. 2nd, this line will still need to gel, something that takes a few years. so if Brown fans expect to go into this season with a great O-Line play, well think again.

  10. Its still the Browns. Theres probably a warrant for murder out on the guy or something. Something bad will happen. Dont know what..but its the Browns.

  11. If Josh Gordon can get reinstated, coupled with Corey Coleman and this fantastic o-line, whoever their next QB is will be in better position to succeed than any Browns QB in decades.

  12. Even if minisoda was after him for OL help he still would have signed with Cleveland for less money to avoid throwing his football life away playing in the glass vagina.

  13. With all these signings and cap space not to mention draft capital the Cleveland Browns have no more excuses if they aren’t a playoff contender in the next 1-2 years.

  14. Brownies gotta have the most expensive offensive line in NFL history now. Buildin a bully upfront!

    Thomas – Bitonio – Tretter – Zeitler – Coleman/Drango/Erving

  15. Sorry, but the nerds are winning. If anything that is a safe bet when you spend on it in FA, guards are. Just look at what Kelechi Osemele did for the Raider line last year. Britt and Pryor are essentially the same player, and they didn’t break the bank for anything but what was important. Now, they just need to work on their defense, and you do that in the draft. I still say take Reuben Foster #1, but that’s just me.

  16. Bengals players are jumping off faster than people on the titanic….that says everything we need to know about the Brown family and Marvin Lewis. No respect for either from the players.

  17. Go find a RB who can make it happen. Keep Pryor ? or find better wideouts (Britt? ehhhh…) and a QB who’s a keeper. All of which will have some time now that you’ve got a good line. That’s a good start.

  18. .
    I’m in the minority here, but I thought the Browns played hard for Hue Jackson last year. Admittedly they were short on talent and fielded a dozen rookies as starters. However, there were flashes of good football. If they can stabilize the QB position and add some skilled draftees, there’s no reason why they can’t be competitive in the AFC North.

  19. linemen tired of burfict and pacman costing them game after game?


  20. Welp that leaves the Bengals with Ogbueghi Boling Bodine TJ Johnson? and Fisher? as their o line. All I can say is good luck to Andy Dalton. But if they have to tank one year get a high draft pick and get a new coach it might be worth it. What’s one more year wasted of Daltons prime anyways? Better resign Dre now at least to salvage losing two major offensive lineman. Also cutting Pac Man wouldn’t hurt either.

  21. Well as a fan of The Bengals, I can say the Browns got better and the Bengals got worse today. 3 good O-line moves, and upgrade at QB that actually netted them a 2nd rounder next year as well (Osweiler may suck, but he’s better than what they had). In addition to that they’re going to add a defensive freak as the first overall pick in about 50 days. Good off season for the Browns. It won’t result in the playoffs, but still a good off season.

  22. It’s about time my Brown’s made some serious moves in free agency, I’m tired of watching everyone else grabbing decent players. I just hope they all stay healthy

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