Official ending still in limbo, Tony Romo bids farewell to Cowboys fans

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Tony Romo apparently thought he’d been told he would released. Apparently, the message simply was that he won’t be on the team in 2017.

As the Cowboys wait for a trade offer that may never come, Romo has posted a video on Instagram thanking fans for the support and saying “we have a lot to think about here going forward.”

He spoke with Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’ playing in the background.

The teams they are a changing for Romo, presumably. The question becomes whether the Broncos, Texans, or anyone else would give the Cowboys anything for Romo. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports the Texans would be interested, but only if Romo is released.

That could be a bluff by the team. Indeed, if they’ll give up a second-round pick to get rid of Brock Osweiler, what would they surrender to get Romo?

The Broncos presumably won’t offer anything for Romo, which means that the Cowboys will have to decide how long to wait. Once the offseason program opens, Romo can show up at the facility for workouts. And if he gets injured on the premises and can’t play this year, the Cowboys will owe him his full $14 million salary for 2017.

33 responses to “Official ending still in limbo, Tony Romo bids farewell to Cowboys fans

  1. Pretty simple trade sales pitch for Dallas to Houston: “Let me get this straight – you got rid of Osweiler and freed up cap space without there being a clear FA QB target out there worth adding, and you think you’re going to fool us into handing Romo to you for next to nothing? Sorry, we know your gameplan. Also, keep pushing and we’ll just release him, and you can enjoy seeing him in Denver next year”.

  2. Jerruh still thinks that he can get $8,000 for a 1987 Ford Tempo.

    Just release him already and let him go where he wants. Not a Romo fan, but he’s a gamer. I wish he was on my team in his prime.

    If he goes to Houston, he’s got a division title on a silver platter (Jax- improving, Tenn – improving, Indy – participation banner marshmallow factory). One last shot at the Superbowl maybe ???

  3. I think they’re doing him dirty not letting him get in on FA negotiations early. If they could have traded him they should have done so by now. I’m not much of a fan of Tony Oh’No, but I don’t like seeing him done like this.

  4. “we have a lot to think about here going forward.”

    As opposed to what? Having a lot to think about going backwards? The phrase “going forward” is one of the most obnoxious and redundant phrases known to man. Unless he has secretly mastered time travel and has the ability to travel back in time he will always be going forward.
    I guess we do live in a society where highly educated people such as lawyers use hashtags for absolutely no reason and Donald Trump is our president so maybe nothing should surprise me anymore.
    Going forward I wish the idiocy of our society would end but there’s no hope of that happening it’s just getting worse and worse

  5. Damn Jerry. Move on. It’s over. What are you going to do? Milk a 7th round pick out of somebody. Just let the man go already

  6. Dallas trying SO hard to drum up a partner for a trade, but they aren’t able to fool anyone… just let him walk, because the few places that he might go aren’t going to get into a biding war over it yet. I think the Texans are may consider offering a second (because they kept this years in the Cle trade) IF they get antsy.. but they don’t seem to be yet.

  7. Tony Romo is a chocking dog who is now an old choking injury prone dog. the drama around him and the cowduds will hopefully stop soon. He can then go to another team get injured like usual. BOOK IT.

  8. Don’t break something at the practice facility–steal a bunch of stuff. Rock tape, knee braces, hot/cold tub, meds, etc. That stuff is worth a fortune.

  9. Remember when the Cowboys were going to be all classy and release him? Well the Cowboys don’t do classy people … cause they’re Merica’s team … yeah.

  10. The Cowboys can’t keep him. So they have no leverage. Eventually they have to cut him for cap reasons. So the Texans just sent him a message when the traded Osweiler – we have a big bag of money with your name on it. Romo will be glad to sit and wait…

  11. I guess Romo will keep his word about not playing for Washington but it seems his employer will not keep their word to release him to allow him to find a new job. Funny how that always works.

  12. Houston will end up with Romo. No way they cleared the 18 million cap hit, if it wasn’t the grand plan to make a deal. They must have a sense that a trade with Cowboys was available. Cowboys get something and Tony goes to AFC team. Win/win

  13. If he gets injured?

    How do existing conditions play into that $14 million lawyer’s playground?

  14. ravenmadnky says:
    Mar 9, 2017 5:22 PM
    I get the feeling Romo will go to Houston for the 4th rounder Houston picked up from Cleveland.

    Or, more likely, Houston’s own 4th rounder

  15. False, Dallas has ALL the leverage. They don’t have to be in a hurry to do anything because they free’d up their cap space. He’s going to count against the cap THIS SEASON regardless.

    They are in no hurry.
    Meanwhile Denver, Houston, & I guess the Redskins are trying to get a new QB into their facilities to begin working with the teams.

    Dallas can keep him on the roster until someone is willing to give something up of value.

  16. I’d still go to spring training with Romo. His stock will be at its highest once injuries start taking their toll. He’s still worth more than Bradford to the Vikings after Bridgewater’s injury.

  17. If he doesn’t get traded this season he is done unless Prescott goes down. Dallas could keep Romo with Prescott getting a meager salary but I think he would retire next year if he rides the pine. Then again he could pull a Favre but at the veteran minimum.

  18. The Cowboys’ best move would be keeping Romo as a legit backup to Prescott.

    That way, Denver and Houston will struggle just to stay afloat next season with slim QB leftover pickings that are available to them. Ryan Fitzpatrick anyone?

  19. Doing him dirty by not releasing him. The NFL is a business.
    Further Romo has been treated like royalty while in Dallas.
    The Cowboys should be permitted to explore the market. Romo
    should do all to help the Cowboys. The Jones family has done Tony
    right throughout the years. It time to allow a respectful process where
    the Cowboys are permitted to see what’s out there.

  20. He didn’t exactly say “Goodbye.” Something tells me he’s still mulling the idea of staying in Dallas and playing the backup/mentor role.

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