Packers re-sign offensive lineman Don Barclay

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The Packers are about to lose a second starting offensive lineman, but they kept a backup.

Via Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers have re-signed center-guard Don Barclay to a one-year, $1.3 million deal.

With J.C. Tretter going to Cleveland and T.J. Lang making visits to Seattle and Detroit, the Packers needed to keep Barclay around.

He will likely back up Corey Linsley in the middle. Barclay has started 24 games in four seasons, including 14 in 2013.

13 responses to “Packers re-sign offensive lineman Don Barclay

  1. Welcome back Don! It takes balls to sign a contract like this over the $23M, 5-year deal Spielman offered you as the starting LT.

    Good man.

  2. Let’s face facts. Barclay is a decent, utility, OL. He’s no starter, but he’s there in a pinch. You know TT will draft a couple more, so if the Packers can keep a veteran utility OL for a super discount for a year while the youngsters learn, everyone wins.

  3. line full of backups this year….i give Rodgers maybe four games before he’s injured….no secondary on defense…. no play offs for Pack for a looooong time….enjoy the fall to bottom of the NFC

  4. How many years have you MN trolls been saying “no playoffs for the pack next year”? Meanwhile we are tied for the league lead in consecutive playoff appearances. To put it in perspective, our playoff appearance string is so long you have to go back to the before the Vikings last playoff win. That’s a heck of an achievement because that’s a very long time.

  5. We let Hyde and maybe Lang go but resign this bum? Whenever he entered a game last year, it was, watch out here comes pressure on Rodgers oh and guess what Barclay is laying face down watching his man run unimpeeded straight into the backfield. The guy is a turnstile.

  6. tjacks7 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 9:09 PM
    Science says that after 4 embarrassing playoff chokes in 5 years you get used to it and lose all desire to win.

    NFCCG is embarrassing? Not half as embarrassing as making that comment after your team went 5-0 and imploded. You have the most offensive – offensive line in the league. Your supposed great defense got figured out but the whole NFL and mutiny ensued against your coach.

    Still want to talk about losing all desire to win? LOL!

  7. i find myself addressing viking “fans” on here all the time. thing is, i never comment on viking articles. says a lot about you. lol. zero championships.

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