Report: Alshon Jeffery leaning toward Eagles offer

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If you’re going to hustle up another offer right before free agency starts, now is the time to let everyone know.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery is leaning toward an offer from the Eagles.

The Eagles have already signed Torrey Smith today, but they needed receivers, plural.

Jeffery said his goal was to get someplace to “win a championship,” and while the Eagles might not be quite there, giving Carson Wentz people to throw to would certainly move them closer.

21 responses to “Report: Alshon Jeffery leaning toward Eagles offer

  1. Every time a player says he wants to go someplace where he can “win a championship”, but then signs with the eagles, you know it’s b.s. All about the money!

  2. LOL! You hear that folks? He said he wants to go to a place that’s ready to win a championship LOOOL! To Philly?!?! Hahahahahahahahaa! They have to make up fake championships in Philly based movies just so the fans can have a taste of a championship. Like tofu. They even have a statue of a fictional character Rocky. Baahahahaa!

  3. This is going to be another tough year to watch for Bears fans. That team already had more holes than they can fill in an offseason and Alshon leaving would add one more.

  4. Eagles are following the smarter of the two options. After whiffing hard on the FA corner market, why not try to land WRs. Less risk of adjusting to a new system and will vastly improve their offense. These aren’t quite dream team level signings so I’m happy

  5. If Da Bears get any weaker they may end up losing both games this season to the history making duds of collapse in minisoda.

  6. This great though. Eagles no longer have to draft a wr in the First round meaning they can go cb and RB in a great cb and RB draft.

  7. dang it alshon if you stay healthy now for a new team i will take at least a year to forgive you;

    and good luck getting wentz to huck a 40 yd fade, on the money, before you have even turned around, like cutler can!

    and…mike glennon is better than wentz!

  8. Update: Jeffery broke his wrist signing the contract and will be out the first four weeks of the regular season.

  9. Did he really say win a championship and Eagles in the same sentence?
    If he really wants the best chance to win a championship, he should be signing with the Pats.

  10. I dont think the eagles are that far away. I still think the boys and Giants are the teams to beat in the east this year but Wentz is only going to get better.

  11. If I read more post that says “says signing” i’m gonna puke. It says no where he’s signed, nor does it state a term of the contract or potential contract. So there no deal and no way to judge if it’s a good contract for the team or not. C’mon guys pay attention.

  12. Since when does “Leaning” mean signed?…. It’s not like he’s not gonna have a couple of choices. If he wants to really , really win now, it ain’t Philly..

  13. If I’m the Eagles I would go Teez Tabor at 14 and Macafferty at 44 if he’s there. Then some mix of DE, Wr, and CB with there 3rd, 4th, and 4th round picks. That would be the dream scenario.

  14. First off, if you have Cleveland in your name are you even allowed to comment on things related to the NFL? And second, he’s a lot better then average and never said a word in Chicago so I’m not sure where the “big mouth” comments come from.

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