Report: Browns to sign Joel Bitonio to “monster” deal

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At a time when teams are finalizing deals for 2017 free agents, the Browns have ensured that one of their offensive linemen won’t be a 2018 free agent.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Browns are signing guard Joel Bitonio to a “monster” extension.

It’s a surprise, for a few reasons. First, he only became eligible for a second contract upon conclusion of the 2016 regular season. Second, he has missed 17 of 32 games over the past two years due to injury. Third, the move shifts the injury risk for 2017 to the Browns.

Bitonio is a rare, if not the first, member of the 2014 draft class to sign a new contract. His success helps make up for the failed pair of first-round picks that were used on cornerback Justin Gilbert and quarterback Johnny Manziel.

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  1. My head might explode. You have to be on the field to help your team win. Why are we so bad at doing anything?????? Couldn’t wait to see if he could stay healthy first? So far we’ve literally downgraded this offseason and spent a ton of money doing it. Terrible all the way around.

  2. I think the NFL uses the Brownies to make everyone else feel better about their own team.

  3. I’m glad to see them working this out. They need to do everything they can to lock up their own talent and avoid the Mitchell Schwartz scenario again.

    Now sign Pryor.

  4. redlikethepig says:
    I think the NFL uses the Brownies to make everyone else feel better about their own team.

    Good stuff. My sympathies to Cleveland fans.
    Maybe the real problem is the people running the team are eating brownies — a lot of them, apparently.

  5. Not sure why they would want to give a lot of money to a guy that has missed half of their games over the last two seasons?
    As the saying goes, the greatest ability in the NFL is avail-ability…and this guy hasn’t been too available.

  6. So the Browns tanked the whole season last year to do THESE kinds of moves??? !!!

    and I thought being a Jets fan was ruff…

  7. If Sashi Brown loses Pryor to free agency, it will be the 2nd year that he has failed to get the job done as the Browns GM.

    Last year, Sashi failed to re-sign any of the Browns free agents who were starters. Losing Mitch Schwartz (RT) was Brown’s worst mistake as GM. Sashi Brown went out and signed a Seahawks leftover lineman, Alvin Bailey, who could not fill the Browns RT position and was shifted to the OG position.

    Sashi Brown’s misjudgement concerning Mitch Schwartz and filling the Browns RT spot helped the Browns OLine become the worst PASS PROTECTING offensive line in the NFL.

    One would think that Sashi Brown and Jimmy and Dee Haslam learned something from Sashi’s mistakes during the 2016 free agency…

    …but it looks as though Jimmy and Dee, al0ng with their Harvard GM, learned “nothing” from their failures of one year ago. Their failure to get their best WR re-signed in favor of “Kenny Britt”, proves that “it still about the money”, for Jimmy and Dee Haslam.

    Rather than rewarding one of their own (Pryor), they would rather take the “cheaper option” (Kenny Britt).

    Oh, I forgot to mention, the Browns lead the NFL in “cap space available”…just one problem, Sashi Brown and Jimmy & Dee Haslam have not figured out, there is no trophy for being “CHEAP”.

    …in Cleveland, some things never change…mac

  8. Question: Who the heck pays a guard, no matter how good, monster $? What is the cleveland browns Alex.

  9. Haslam’s failue to re-sign Terrell Pryor will be the the standard that Jimmy, Dee and Sashi Brown are judge by…

    Being too cheap to reward your own players who bust their butt for the team, is no way to run a franchise.

    Not signing Terrell Pryor will prove to be the Browns worst mistake of the 2017 free agency.

  10. Browns fan here, criticism of their moves (and lack of moves) is merited on lots of fronts. This is not one of them. This guy is a road grader. They need 2 more like him, one at center and another at right guard.

  11. Laugh all you want, but this guy actually was one of their good players last year. If they can get Ziegler and find anywhere for Irving to play on the line, you’re halfway to fixing the problem there.


    Sashi Browns has no problem throwing money at player who put up a fraction of Terrelle Pryor’s 2016 performance.

    Pryor started 16 games in 2016…
    Bitonio started just 5 games in 2016…

    Pryor ranked 23rd in the NFL in receiving…
    Bitonio had no ranking in 2016…

    Pryor had over one thousand yards receiving for the Browns…
    Bitonio started 5 games before being injured…

    Pryor had more receiving yardage (1007 yds) than all of the Browns 5 wr draftees wrs drafted in 2016, added together (825 yds)

    Yet the Browns owners, Jimmy and Dee Haslam and their front office guru, Sashi Brown, would rather kick Terrell Pryor to the curb in favor of Kenny Britt.

    Signing Bitonio is great news, but that does not begin to explain why Jimmy, Dee and Sashi refuse to re-sign their best Wide Receiver, Terrelle Pryor.

    Might be time for Jimmy and Dee to move back to Tenn. because they don’t have a clue about building a winning team for Browns fans.

  13. Hilarious. Making a big deal out of resigning a guy from by far the worst Oline in the league last year.

    138 QB hits, 68 sacks. That’s what they gave up.

    So yay Browns !

    Cleveland fans should stay away from the stadium this year and leave it empty of anyone but opposing fans. Haven’t you had enough of con man Haslam yet ?

  14. The guy played great during his 17 games and correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t his last injury from someone rolling up on him. Unless he’s made of steal that’s hardly “injury prone” status.

    On a team that’s going to be 70% new people getting the ones who played well locked down long term is a smart move.

  15. The Browns have like $150 million. They’re acting like kids in a candy store.

    They need to concentrate on Terrell Pryor.

    Oh btw. Mike Brown Sucks!

  16. I’m not even a Browns fan, and even I get mad looking at these stupid moves. I thought DePodesta was supposed to be the analytics guy? What algorithm tells you to sign a top market contract on an oft-injured player that could be talked into taking less money?

  17. I like this move. Too many fans have a fantasy football mindset, but if you’ve ever played the game, you know that offense is built with the offensive line.

    You add a sturdy running back and let a young QB learn the system, and then you go out and get “play-makers.”

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